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Product: Zebco 33  baitcaster Zebco 33 combo    baitcaster Zebco 33 combo image of its looks

Name: baitcaster Zebco 33 combo


Check price here- Bass Pro Shops

Best place to buy: bass Pro Shops

Rod specs:Lightweight graphite frame

Reel:Spooled with 100 yds. 10 lb.test line

My rating:10 out  of 10

Zebco 33: Product Overview-baitcaster Zebco 33 combo

Every time I go out fishing I always take my old reliable baitcaster Zebco 33 combo. It assures me of my being able to cast out comfortably and at a precise distance I am looking for. It is well made with quality graphite and metal handle with rubber grips. It is loaded and ready to go with 100 yards of line at a test pound of 10lb. It is very well designed for the beginner or advanced fisherman to begin catching fish immediately. Go here to see what a nice piece this is.

Benefits of the Zebco 33

I find one of the best things about this rod and reel is its lightweight and easy to use especially for the beginner but it is a nice lower priced item for the advanced fisherman as well. It has a easy to control handle as well as a easily controlled reel which allows you to be able to cast your line pretty darn accurately.


Storing your Zebco 33

One of the really nice things about the Zebco is the ease of storing it and packing it away as it takes a lot less room than your larger outfits. After all you need room to take home all the fish you catch.

Please feel free to comment and or give me your opinions on this amazing rod and reel.

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  1. Hey, i have a few questions. do you have any pictures? and, i have never heard of this company, do they have a good reputation for making quality? i am not sure if you are aware of this but your links don’t work. Thanks for the great review, you make me want one.

    • I am still learning all this but yes I have pictures but having trouble getting them on my pages. Zebco is a well known manufacturer in my area. I own several of them. My links are something I am working on. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Hi Chris

    I am a fisherman but have never used a Zebco 33  rod before, as I have used Matt Hayes. This is my go to fishing rod. As long as the rod is versatile, strong and catch trout, I do not care. You make the rod sound delightful and therefore something I would be interested in. A reel that is easy to use is also a must for me.

    I look forward to your future articles.



  3. Hey Chris, thank you for sharing your feedback on the Zebco 33 reel. Would you recommend this reel for kids, like 10-12 years old? I go out fishing with a friend and sometimes he will bring his two sons with us. The reel we use seems to be a little complicated for them.

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