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Bass fishing or catching.

Bass fishing for dummies can be a lot of fun if you just let it. I am always happy to land a bass on my hook or lure which ever the case may be.Let me reiterate again I am not a expert fisherman. I just love getting out there and enjoying the thrill of possibly landing a large bass.

There are amateur fisherman and then there are your experts. I read a lot of comments online from the experts so as to learn different ways to reel in a nice bass. One of the best pieces of advise I have ever gotten is be persistent when fishing for bass.

Don’t give up easily because the fish won’t. As my title reads it can be fun when you are actually fighting with a nice sized bass even if you don’t end up hauling him in. Half the fun for me is the battle and even if I don’t catch him or her I will have fun with the fight and sooner or later I will catch one if i stay after it.

I remember one time I had a what felt like a ten pound fish on my line. I fought with that fish for over an hour.Needless to say I did not reel it in. But I must say it was some of the best fun I have ever experienced. And let me tell you the adrenaline was awesome.

Feel the excitement

I was actually shaking after that ordeal. I felt exhausted but totally satisfied. So let me say this even if I don’t catch the fish I can say that I had fun. Now on the other hand I have had the pleasure to catch big bass from time to time.

I think the biggest one was around eight pounds. Talk about being excited about bass fishing I certainly was that day.

Even though I think it was the only fish I caught that day it was plenty good enough for me. When I go to cook up my catch  I relish the thought that it is actually good for me nutritionally as well. You know freshwater bass is high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids as well.

One minor drawback is that they do contain small amounts of mercury like most fish.You would have to eat them many times in a month to even worry about it. I will take my chances and it it as many times as I can, depending on how many I catch.

So I shouldn’t have to worry. To be honest anyone thinking of eating bass or any fish should always be aware of the pro’s and cons to your health. You wouldn’t want to eat anything you were in doubt about. Many people I know are allergic to certain types of fish so please beware.

To get back to the subject at hand let me tell you where I seem to have luck finding bass. In the frozen section of the grocery store (joking).

Bass like to hide in brush under the trees and in shallow safe places as well as other places such as near stumps and downed trees. They are one clever fish.It has been my opinion that they prefer overcast days as opposed to bright sunny days.

I mostly use live bait but a nice top water lure does pretty good too. I have also found bass to be hiding around rocks as well as around dock or pier supports. i mostly fish for bass around perimeters of the body of water I am fishing.

Needless to say I go through a lot of lures when I am fishing for bass due to the nature of the terrain and the way a bass like to get you tangled up in things you can’t see.

Bass fishing for dummies

The subject of bass fishing is quite complex with a lot of different opinions on how to catch so, I welcome any questions or comments you might have on the subject.

     Tips for catching bass vs. fishing for bass

If your fishing for bass and actually want to catch one here are a few tips I can give. Be patient and alert. Try many different lures for bass and try different live baits as well. So make sure you are stocked up on a good variety and quantity of both so your day doesn’t end quickly.

Because if your like me Bass fishing for dummies  you will want to be out there until the cows come home. Or should I say the fish come to me. As always please have fun and take a friend or loved one with you. The fellowship is great. Please feel free to leave me feedback and your tips and experiences. Also you can go here to read more interesting content.

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