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The best fishing clothing brands


For the best fishing clothing brands there are so many different opinions of clothing. especially when it comes to fishing and/or outdoor clothing. The best opinion is of course the one belonging to the individual. That is, the one that is going to wear the clothing. One persons idea of good clothing for fishing may be totally different than someone else.

For instance I am the type person that really isn’t too picky when it comes to what I am wearing. Just so my rear end isn’t sticking out or my pants falling off. I am not fond of seeing anyone else’s underwear and I sure don’t want them seeing mine. Don’t get me wrong I  don’t think its wrong for someone to look fashionable. I also like to see folks wearing nice clothing while fishing.

By nice clothing I mean decent good looking clothes that are comfortable. So I want to discuss some possibilities here and give you some ideas where to get them. Also I really concern myself with comfort. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while fishing. I am a big fan of my Levi Jeans and that is what I wear 99 percent of the time, fishing or working.

Moving on-fishing clothing brands

I usually have on my Carhart shirt T-shirt also. As you can probably figure out I am just a plain hard working guy who loves fishing in my spare time. You can Go here to see more about me if you like. I have to tell you I do really like a hoodie to wear like the ones here.

Well enough about me. How about you? What do you like to wear outdoors while fishing? Lets start with a really nice rain jacket to keep us dry in case of a rainy day.Once again there are a lot of options. I think you would like a nice Gortex rain jacket like seen here.Oh  I forgot the hat didn’t I? I don’t know about you but I must have a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. Oh ye and my bald head. Image of a nice fishing hat for fishing clothing brands

This looks like it should do the trick.

Moving on-The eyes

Well now I think a nice pair of sunglasses should accompany this nice hat. There are a lot of choices here as well. You may like Ray Ban or some other expensive brand. Me not so much as i am pretty rough on them. I am for a more reasonable option, not cheap but not my whole fishing budget. The hat usually helps more anyway.

image of sunglasses as part of fishing clothing brands

Now that we have the head and eyes covered lets move on. The shirt we covered earlier so lets jump to the britches or pants if you prefer. Me, I am just a plain old blue jeans guy as I mentioned at the beginning. you may prefer to look at more fashionable fishing pants.picture of nice pair of fishing pants as part of fishing clothing brands

I don’t have much to say about the foot wear except comfortable comes to mind. I plan on being on my feet most of the time reeling in that big one. Or maybe just a bunch of little ones. One thing about foot wear is I like mine to be waterproof. You can buy them that way or get silicone boot spray to proof them. I don’t much like rubber boots unless I know my feet will get extremely wet.

This example of a fishing boot may help you to get an ides of what to look for if your not sure.

Moving on -the feet


This is one example of a nice fishing boot that is 100 % waterproof. Go here to see details. This is a very comfortable boot and will keep you feet dry while keeping them cool. They have a breathable mesh upper for ventilation. There is nothing worse than having hot wet soggy feet. It sort of takes the fun out of the fishing trip. I can remember a few times I have been wet from head to toe. Because I was too hard headed to listen to someone who told me it might just rain. I also get clumsy once in a while and slip into the water without paying attention.

I usually look back and laugh at the situation. It wasn’t funny at the time though. I can remember another time when I was knocked out of the boat. Definitely not a laughing matter. So the moral to this story is be prepared for all kinds of weather. Mother nature is a very complex lady.

A little food for thought

As you probably well know there are tons of fishing clothing brands. I always try to stress a few things. Like your budget. your taste in brand names. Maybe you have a favorite place to shop. There are many variables here. You see it all really comes down to this….Everyone has there own ideas and tastes. I always say go with your heart and pocketbook.

So in wrapping up this article I welcome any and all questions or suggestions that anyone may have. I really enjoy hearing from people who like what they read. I also like hearing from people who don’t like what they read as well. It gives me guidance on what to discuss with you the next time we meet here.

Thanks everyone and Lets go fishin!!

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