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It has come to my attention that I neglected to let y’all know I think it is very important to be comfortable and have relaxed fitting clothes on while you are out there on the lake or shorelines.Best fishing clothing brands according to my better half should be fashionable as well. Go here to check out some cool stuff.

For you guys maybe not so much but we do want to be comfy. Let us start at the top by looking for a good comfortable hat that of course has some kind of logo on it or smart fishing wisdom. I prefer something that has a large rim all the way around but a nice ball cap or visor is okay with me also. You ladies have your own ideas and far be it for me to get into fashion.

Okay then next we need some sunglasses. These are very important as we need to be able to see clearly what we are reeling in without being blinded by the sun glaring off the water. I always suggest having a lanyard on them as not to lose them in the water or even step on them which I have done more than once.

I do not recommend a really expensive pair of designer glasses but that is your call. Next lets talk about shirts. I always recommend wearing one especially in bright sunshine. Remember I am from the south so I rarely go out in the cold…..but do not tell my wife I said that. I don’t really spend a lot of time picking out a shirt but I do want to look nice and be comfortable at the same time. More comfort than looks for me. Go here to see what I mean.

Britches-Best fishing clothing brands

Well you might be saying what are britches? You might call them pants. There are many different styles of pants designed for fishing. Again I am not to stylish and I prefer good ole blue jeans but not to tight.

Oh not to loose either as you might need to get away from a snake or two. Along with the britches you may want to think about some rubber boots or waders in case your like me and might want to step out into the lake or stream. Cargo shorts are quite comfy and are nice for a number of reasons.


Lets talk about boots and what you look for in a boot. Me personally I look for comfort…I’m all about comfort as you can tell. But they must be practical as well. You wouldn’t want to go out in the mud with your best pair of say..cowboy boots made or snake skin or such.

I really like leather boots that pull on so I don’t have to bother with them becoming untied on me. I always treat my boots with silicone spray to waterproof them. They will last years if properly taken care of. If you are like me if my feet hurt my whole body hurts. A nice pair of inserts inside your boots works wonders.                       

Rain Gear

A necessity for me is decent rain gear I take with me while fishing. I really don’t like to get soaking wet by being caught in a rainstorm with out having my poncho or lightweight raincoat. But needless to say I have forgotten my rain gear while preparing for my fishing trip due to the excitement I feel when I get the chance to go on a fishing trip.

You know when it looks so beautiful outside and not a cloud in the sky you might do like me and say Oh it isn’t going to rain today. Ha ha ha was I wrong a few times and got soaked. Therefore I try to get my rain gear loaded in my truck before anything else.


I don’t consider gloves a necessity but they do come in handy for various reasons,

1.  Keeping you from getting a hook in your hand while removing hook from fishes mouth.

2. Keeping you from getting blisters from your fishing rod while fighting the big one.

3. Keeping some of the fishing smells that come along with the fishing expedition.

I hope I have enlightened on just a few ideas in this article and hope you enjoy your fishing!


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