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Best fishing lures bass will be a wide variety of lures. We will try to cover many styles and sizes. Also we will cover different shapes for different types of bass. Like striper bass and small mouth. You might be surprised to learn that there are I would say over a million different lures. However there are 7 major types of lures.

  1. Jigs
  2.  Spinners
  3.  Spoons
  4. Soft plastic baits
  5. Spinnerbaits
  6. Plugs
  7. Flies       But we should also know that there is a list of the fifty greatest lures of all time. The list was compiled by Field and Stream editor. Rather than me listing all 57 you can go here to see his list.

Just the top ten for now-Best fishing lures ever

We will get back to the seven major types later so stay tuned. First of all the number one is a lure called Curly tail grub- The name is a generic term used for a entire class of plastic grubs with curled tails and really is a trademark of Mister Twister. It usually comes with a painted head jig

The number two is the Dardevele Spinnie-This lure has been around for over a century and is red and white striped and a must for fishing for bass and even larger trout.

Coming in at number three is the Rapala- This one is another lure that works well for all kinds of fish. It often works better than anything else in your tackle box. This lure is loved by bass,trout. walleyes, and pike. The retrieve process varies according to what type fish you are after.

Check out number four- the Mepps Aglia This lure is not only good for a bass but the trout love them even though not many people fish them well. A size 0, 1/12 oz. silver blade and cast upstream and reel in faster than the current for success in trout streams.

Number five is the Johnson silver minnow- This lures silver version is one of the best for driving bass wild that are hiding on cover. A pike fish is also attracted to this lure.

Six through ten-best fishing lures bass

Sixth on the list is the Slug-Go- This lure is a little complicated to fish but are very successful in catching fish once you get the technique figured out. You can always Go Here to get advice on your techniques.

Coming in at number seven is the Zara Spook which is a very versatile lure for fishing bass as well as pike and stripers. It is one of the best and oldest of surface-plug designs.

Number eight is the Berkeley Power Worm-This is one of the Berkeley bait series scented soft plastics which has lead the industry for a long time.The basic black 7  inch power worm is a big favorite. The scent and flavor attract the bass to hold it longer so you can get a good hook set.

Ninth on our list is the Original Gitzit- Funny name but this lured really does get it. These come in various colors with the lighter colors imitating minnows. This lure works very well.

Our tenth addition is the Flatfish-Pictured to the right. There is no bad flatfish lure but bass are not as apt to bite as a nice rainbow trout in a trout pond. Therefore most bass fisherman don’t use them but I do and again technique needs to be figured out.

You can go here to see more of our favorite lures. Maybe you just need some new lures? Go here to shop for some great ones.

best fishing lures bass, a image of flatfish lure

Flatfish lure


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