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The best freshwater fishing rods

Some of the best freshwater fishing rods available to day are quality products that last a long time for you to enjoy. We will try and give you enough information to help you decide which one is for you. I am quite sure we will be able to give you some great options. You can go here to see a review of one I really like.

Lets first start with the beginner fisherman. Some of the top choices here are the Plusinno which is around 40 dollars for the combo model. It is a great starter outfit for inexperienced fisherman. It folds in to make it easy to store and easy to carry.

Another beginner rod and reel I really recommend is the Zebco 33 which I have reviewed and personally own three of. Again this is reasonably priced and easy to learn with. It is light weight and quite versatile. Great option for the young and old. Go here now to see details and availability.

One of the finer rods for the beginner is the Penn Battle 2. This one is a bit more costly. Low end around 100 bucks. I have seen them as high as 150 and they are well worth it. I like the 7 foot rod for freshwater and of course the longer rod lengths for saltwater fishing. This one is a real quality piece of work. Go here now to check out the details on this one.

The Ugly stik rounds out my top four. It is the Ugly Stik youth GX2 by Shakespeare. Great price with high quality  materials. Its ease of use makes it a perfect match for the beginner.

The intermediate fisherman’s -best fishing rods

One of the very best rod and reel combo for the average or intermediate fisherman is the Cadence CC6 combo at around 100 bucks. 7 ball bearings + 1 instant anti-reverse bearing – smooth, durable, & corrosion resistant are some of its features. it gets great reviews from avid fisherman.

Pflueger Trion Fishing Reel and Rod Combo is another great rod and reel combo moderately priced with great features as well. It is lightweight and easy to control from anywhere you choose to fish from.As you can see in the picture it is a nice looking rig.


the pflueger rod and reel from best fishing rods bass

Best fishing rods freshwater-we move on

Shimano Sienna Freshwater Spinning Rod and Reel Combo is one that I personally like to talk about as it is another fine product.

When you are ready to go on your next fishing trip, take along the Shimano Sienna Freshwater Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. The durable graphite composite rod with an M-Compact body delivers a lightweight feel and picks up on the slightest vibrations.
It also features the Propulsion Line Management system and a Super Stopper II anti-reverse reel to help you stay in control of the cast. 2-piece design.
Some of the great features are listed below;

Features and Benefits

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Graphic composite rod and reinforced graphite reel for durability
  • M-Compact body gives it a more balanced feel
  • Super Stopper II anti-reverse reel for controlled stop and go
  • 4 bearings
  • Propulsion Line Management system for a smooth cast
  • Reel size 1000 recommended for panfish; reel size 2500 recommended for bass

Lets move on to my next pick shall we? The Zebco 808 What a sweet little set up for the very competitive price. The all-new 808 combo features a heavy-duty 7’0″ 2-piece Z-glass medium-heavy power rod with extended EVA handles that provide plenty of leverage when you need it.

The new 808 reel features a drag system that has been improved to cover a wider range of drag settings, and the snub-off component has been enhanced to allow anglers to cast heavy lures or lead without fear of slippage occurring on the cast. Pre-spooled with 20lb. line.

This one is so low priced you could get two or three and still have beer money.

Best fishing rod and reel combo-expert angler

Well here is where we may have a lot of disagreement among fisherman. So remember this article is based on many things. Opinion, the fishing world experts and salesman of course. My personal opinion goes like this; I really like Daiwa and Abu Garcia and Penn. I own a Daiwa and absolutely love it. It has caught me more fish than all the rest of my rigs put together.

One example is the new Daiwa BLX bass rod.These rods are the culmination of years of fishing rod development and the latest in Daiwa Rod Technologies. A Complete Renewal of the Classic Black Label line, the rods are designed and constructed with 2 Different concepts in mind, sensitive and limber. The SG  or Sensitive Graphite models are well suited for worms, jigs and dropshot. Techniques that demand sensitivity, feel and a quicker action.

The reel

The reels are a quality product as well and come in a large variety of style and I can’t even begin to list them all here. A little internet investigating might work well at this point. I will however give you one example. It is what they call their Goldcast reel. These reels feature durable metal construction with an oscillating spool for precise level-winding and one of the smoothest spin cast drags ever. Just a few of the fine features below.

  • Optimized line aperture for maximum casting
  • Pre-wound with premium line
  • Ultra-smooth, multi-disc drag

The Abu Garcia is another excellent choice. You won’t find many of these rated under five stars. Their rod and reels alike are quite hard to beat. There prices depend on what you are looking for but I think the experts might like this one. The Revo SX/Vendetta Casting Rod and Reel Combo and this one retails around 200  bucks give or take.

This 4th-generation Abu Garcia Revo SX updates one of the most popular low-profile bait casters in bass fishing, known for its power, performance, and durability. Its Infini™ brake system and Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag provide effortless casting with the punch to handle anything that swims.

I do believe this is an Cabela’s and Bass Pro shop exclusive according to the website. Go here now to see for yourself and maybe purchase one!i am pretty sure I will get one. Dropping a little hint there. Before I wind this up I just wanted to share a couple very expensive additions to my favorites.

Best of the best?

Actually the most expensive one I could find is the Oyster Bamboo fly rod checking in at 4,600.00. I wonder if it baits up for you? The second one is the …(Get this)  Combo Bent Butt Fishing Rod  coming in at a steal of around 1,800 bucks. How many do you want? then there is the Orvis Helios 2 fishing rod at a price of around 800 bucks. Next we have the Diawa rod fourth at a approximate cost of 500 up. Lastly in position number 5 is the Crowder rod comparable to the Daiwa at near 550 bucks. Just wanted to share that with you as I thought it quite interesting.

In conclusion;

So you see you have an abundance of choices. Therefore please feel free to ask me anything and if I don’t know the answer I will surely find out for you. It has been once again my pleasure to bring you this informational type post. Please leave comments or questions below.

Lets go fishin!

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