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Charts and postersposter of various type of fresh water bass in poster and charts post

Charts and posters

First of all lets look at the  charts and posters -helpful-information about the above fish species and the large mouth bass spawning season. You will notice we have a freshwater bass chart. It is helpful in that you can identify the types of bass and research each type as far as where and when it is a good time to fish for them and where.

You can find these charts and posters and graphs on my Pinterest boards at  and click on them to get a ton of information.

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Crankbaits are made up of a wide variety of shapes and colors

Fishing with crankbaits can be confusing if you don’t really understand them. They are made up of a numerous type and shapes and colors that can lead you choosing the wrong type at the wrong time. Useful charts and learning posters-helpful information may be what you need.

You notice in the above pictures I am showing you the different seasons of colors and types. The first is spring and then fall then summer and lastly winter. Can you see the differences in them? I organize my tackle box accordingly and label the different seasons.

The first picture gives you the general depths that the crank will be. There are some variables to depths and seasons. To know the right season is to know the right depths.

Summer crankbaits and the useful charts and learning posters may help

images of topwater and jerkbait lures as part of post on posters and charts

The top five summer cranks are according to some experts are as follows;

1- The Senko worm- This bait is simplistic and may look like just a thick round plastic worm but it is impregnated with a large amount of salt to drive fish mad. When rigged weightless it falls horizontally with side to side tail action.

2-The Zara Spook Jr- This bait the backbone of the Zara spook family of top water lures and this downsized lure features a saltwater  flavor which the fish enjoy.


3-Live Target Hollow Belly Frog- This bait has all the attributes to catch the big one! Its anatomy and detailed color plus its thrilling elevating action will take your top water fishing to a exciting new level. When the fish strikes it its soft body collapses and its double hooks gives it great potential to land the fish.


4-BiCo Jigs- This is a 3/8 oz. lead free bass jig that has a stand up design. It comes with owner hooks for strength,durability and very secure hooks inbedded in them. One of the best bass fishing lures it can be fished as a swim jig or flipping jig.


5-Strike Finesse Spinner Bait- This spinner bait is a perfect all purpose bait. It is a smaller design with realistic looking natural colors and is a smaller profile lure.


Personally I prefer the frog most of the time #3. It has given me better success the the others. Night crawlers are a good bait also if properly rigged. You Tube has some great videos on this.

Fall crankbaits and useful charts

The top five fall crankbaits are as follows;


2-Jigs                                                                                                          Images of different lures


4-lipless cranks


There again my favorite go to is the spinnerbait





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