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Good Fishing Times with Family

  Picture of a family on a dock having good times fishing with family

Family fishing good times

As I sit here remembering my younger days fishing with my family I wish I could go back in time to enjoy those days. When my mom and dad were still alive and we would get the three generations of the family together to go to one of our favorite fishing spots. To have a great time and enjoy ourselves beyond belief.

Needless to say we had many favorite spots but especially the ones we had luck catching fish. Oh we caught fish just about everywhere we went mainly because there was so many of us. Remember I am talking three generations here. We also included the wives and any and all children on both sides of the family.

Family fishing good times

So as you can imagine we had quite a crowd sometimes. So therefore we felt like the odds were in our favor, rather they were or not. I can’t remember ever getting shut out though as I think someone always caught a bass or catfish. Or a fish of some variety. Oh how I loved those times.

I can think of one time in particular where we actually had a tornado go over our heads. It wasn’t funny at the time. But as I think back there are a large amount of laughs to be had in the event. My son and I still talk about it to this day. Needless to say we didn’t have much luck after the tornado but we still didn’t give up.

The Kids

Family fishing good times

We used to stay out most of the night fishing which the younger kids thought was a big deal because they got to stay up late and eat a lot of junk food. I can remember the kids were quite small when we first started taking them fishing with us.  That kept us parents and grandparents very busy helping them baiting their hooks and getting their snags undone and pulled out of the trees.

Don’t get me wrong I would do it all over again just to have us all back together lined up in our fishing chairs along the rivers edge. The expressions on the kids faces when they caught a fish was priceless.

They were so happy they were part of our fishing adventures and they could catch a fish no matter how big or small. It was something they had achieved on their own. They held their fishing rods proudly and to our surprise they were quite patient with the hopes of getting a nibble on their hook.

I don’t remember them ever misbehaving while they were out there in their tiny fishing chairs and mickey mouse rod and reels. Some of us adults could learn  lessons from them with our patience and our ill behavior.

Most of the time I didn’t even care if I caught anything as long as my son and the other little tykes had a good time and learned from their experiences.

My Folks and Me- Family fishing good times

My folks have long since passed and I miss our fishing adventures with them and the children.  I can tell you my son also misses them. He used to ask his grandma in a jokingly manner if she was stick fishing or tree fishing. Since she liked to cast her line into the trees rather frequently.

Mom was not a very good fisherman but she enjoyed it all the same.

She could depend on me and even my son when he was quite little to help her out, She didn’t much like the way the worms felt but she got used to them after a while and became quite good at baiting her on hook.

My dad

But my dad had his hands full with mama at first the poor guy hardly even got to cast a line himself. But he never complained…at least I never heard him. Dad was a very good fisherman and taught me a lot. He taught me different ways to configure rigs and tie knots and what fishing lure to use where and so forth.

We liked to drink a few beers while we were out fishing and swap a few stories about the one that got away.

He was a very good listener to me and helped me with a lot of other life problems. Other than fishing. But we always managed to be able to talk more freely while we were out doing something together that we both enjoyed, fishing in the great outdoors.

Fishing and good music

Dad truly loved fishing and his guitar. Which he always had with him and almost always sang to us and the fishes. So you see, I truly love fishing , my family and all the good times fishing has brought me over the years. It is my hope that I can inspire many people to at least try fishing. As I think the majority would find it if nothing else, a sort of therapy.

I bet you can’t wait for my next story on my wife and her amazing catfish fishing skills, catching, cleaning, and of course eating. Go here to see more interesting things and a video of  my wife and me.

Please feel free as always to comment and leave your thoughts.

Let’s Go Fishing!!                                                                                    Picture of me enjoying the good times of fishing and holding me catch. I am sideways

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  1. Your post made me smile:) Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us. They took me back to some great times in life, that I will cherish forever. Keep sharing those amazing stories of yours. Thank you again for making me smile!


  2. Wow, I just say you had a really interesting experience with your family, one of the best moments of one’s life is that spent with your family cos it come with utmost love and feelings. I’ve enjoyed your story ad I must say fishing is one thing that is mostly common to families with cordial old relationship. My father used to fish but it wasn’t made a  family thing as it is in your case. I’d love to urge us to find activities like this that can bring family members together in Harmony. Thanks

    • Thank you for the nice comments you have made. I truly hope you spend as much time fishing and other activities with your family. Life goes by way to quickly so we must enjoy one another. Thanks for inspiring me to write more on y life’s experiences. 

  3. You just shared memory periods in life with us and also made me remember those special times with the family when I used to go fishing with my colleagues. This is an interesting one. I’ve never gone on a fishing adventure with family before but then, this is really interesting too. Thanks for sharing all these with us all. I like the fact that you have shared your memories with us

    • Thanks Rod, I want to thank you for taking the time to make those good comments and I certainly hope it gives you inspiration to go fishing with the family as well as your friends.

  4. Hello Chris, your story is indeed touching. I understand how if feels not be be able to do a particular activity with someone you always do it with. Fishing is one very fun thinido with my parents while growing up and till date i miss that experience of catching a fish and having my dad rub my head and my mum giving her regular smile. I hope you find more fun fishing. Best regards.

    • Thanks Benson, I am glad to see you can relate to my true story. Your comments gives me more inspiration to keep writing as it is good therapy also. Glad you enjoyed and let’s go fishing!

  5. Great post you have here and thanks for sharing this excellent moments with us that you shared with your family while fishing. Fishing is really a classy adventure to go in and engaging in it with family members can only make it more memorable and interesting. Though I look forward to taking my family on a vacation soon and hopefully, it would be lovely to take them fishing. Great one. Thank you

    • Thank you Shelley. I am very happy to see I can make an impression on some people to point out fishing is quite rejuvenating to the soul. I hope you all get together fishing and enjoy yourselves. Have fun!

  6. Hello Chris, fishing is indeed therapy for me. I get really stressed from my day to day job and hardly have time to myself. I was taught to fish by my parents who are still very much interested in it till date, and as a matter of fact, we do go fishing on family reunion every year. You seem to have had a really fun childhood fishing with your parents and others kids. May the souls of the departed rest in peace .

    • Thanks Bella for the nice comments and I am so glad to hear you still enjoy fishing. That is awesome that you get to be with family while getting rest and relaxation.

  7. This is a very heartwarming story you just told here. I tried imagining the setting where the three generations come together and can’t help but ask… 

    How on earth did you keep it all together! I mean with all the kids, except of course if they weren’t many of them because I know how tedious it is trying to keep them together and behaved when we have a family gathering, let alone spending time outdoors.

    I can see you really enjoyed and miss your time fishing with the families and can’t help but wonder if you no longer do that?

    If so, why not or has it got to do with your parents being late?  (My condolence)

    Thanks for sharing this memorable piece with us.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Life kind of gets away from us sometimes and children leave the nest, jobs take us away from loved ones and etc. I really miss those times but I do get to travel to see my son and grand daughter from time to time. I am glad you enjoyed it..

  8. Hi, Chris, wonderful post!

    I like the way you speak about your family spending time together while fishing. It made me remember about those times when my dad used to be fishing a lot during his early years and for few times, he even took us with himself and we had the chance to experience this exciting moment when you catch up a fish 🙂

    These are very good and warm memories which I truly miss nowadays.

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