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The twenty Best eating fish-Best fish species to eat

There are twenty species of freshwater fish I suggest and recommend to catch and eat. I will help you to enjoy and better understand both here.

      Starting with #1, #2, and #3    Image of fisherman holding one of the best species of fish to eat, the hybrid bass

The bass family consists of three different types known as striped bass, white bass, and ” Wiper” Hybrid bass which is a striped bass crossed with a white bass. The hybrid is distinguished by broken horizontal lines while the striped bass lines are straighter and they have a double tooth patch. The hybrid is shorter than the others but a thicker fish making them meatier with thick fillets. Yum Yum!

The white bass is commonly referred to as the poor mans striped bass. The hybrid are more commonly stocked for the recreational fisherman like you and me. No matter which one of the bass family you catch they are all delicious to eat. Have I made you hungry yet? I am.

   Next we have #4 The Yellow perch-Best fish species to eat

The yellow perch is a nice catch and very easy to eat. By that I mean it has a tame flavor and not as fishy as most. It has been referred to as the poor mans walleye which we will discuss later. This fish takes a little more tender touch while preparing to cook. The yellow perch is becoming a popular farmed favorite and is in my opinion a very under rated fish that I think you would enjoy eating.                       

   On to #5 the Steel head

The steel head fish is very worthy of being at the top of the freshwater fish list for eating though many fisherman would rather catch salmon in comparison. These fish travel back and forth from saltwater to rivers and compared to a saltwater rainbow trout so to speak. Preparing this fish is one of the keys to a fine meal. I would prepare it much like I prepare my salmon and bake or smoke it on the grill. They are not all that popular around most areas.

   #6 and #7  The ever popular Chinook and Coho salmon- Best fish species to eat

I have to tell you right off this is one of my most favorite eating fish. Now you might have to do some travelling to catch this fish in the USA unless you live in the extreme north like the Great Lakes or New York. I here that Alaska and South Dakota are pretty great places to catch the yummy salmon. Notice the two kinds of salmon.

The Chinook or otherwise known as the king salmon and the Coho known as the queen of the salmon. The Coho have a brighter meat color and their own special taste. I season mine with butter and lemon and bake or smoke on the grill as well. Go here to check out a smoker.

woman fisherman holding her salmon caught by her, one of the best fish species to eat


The Chinook has a flaky texture and I would say are the best or one of the best edible fishes in the world. That is my opinion though as some people never acquire a taste for salmon at all. They are very good for your health as long as your not allergic or just don’t like them. I have never caught one but I sure have eaten my share.



   #8 Will be the Bluegill

The start of a fishing addiction may have been started by fishing for Bluegills at a very young age, like I did. I don’t think I was very old when I started fishing but I do remember starting at a farm pond fishing for bluegills. Now first of all lets verify one thing.

Bluegills and sunfish and bream are basically the same species with some minor differences which we won’t get into here. For that reason I didn’t include them separately in my list. The Bluegill is I have found one of the hardest fish to clean. They are one of the easiest fish to catch which is why I was lead to the farm ponds while I was being taught to fish.

This fish in my opinion doesn’t have the best flavor in the world but they do suffice when I can’t get my hands on my salmon. It does however bring back some excellent fishing memories. Oh to be young again. Oh well that’s okay it is my turn teaching the kids now.

I do want to tell everyone that I think it is a good idea to teach the young people who are beginners that you would be best off taking your kids to a farm pond to learn where you know there are fish in there. Many farm pond owners stock their ponds for various reasons.

picture of a blue gill which is one of the best fish species to eat


Off we go to #9 The Walleye

Number nine is the Walleye. This is a very familiar fish to me as I have caught some whoppers but unfortunately never landed one other than small ones. As far as warm water fish go this one probably should be at the top of the list.

We tend to eat the male breed of the species and throw back the females. At an early age I was fishing for these monsters in the lakes around my Ohio home. I actually had one pulling my boat I was in. He or she was very large.

Of course the fish was smarter than me and got away eventually after a nice battle. Like I said I have never landed a what I call a monster. Fix these either baked or fried and there are some delicious recipes available. I suggest you look some recipes up and try them.

You can fish for walleye almost anywhere in the USA especially the northern two thirds but as far south as Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama. I encountered most of mine in the mid west.


#10 will be the Channel Catfish

The channel catfish is another one of my favorite fish to catch and eat. They are somewhat easy to catch…when they are hungry and the conditions are right. A benefit for fishing for this fish is you can pretty much make up your own bait as they will eat almost anything such as dog food, Ivory soap and yes I have tried it and also wieners, marshmallows, chicken livers and oh so much more. Just keep experimenting. Look here for ideas.

The smaller ones lets say two to 4 pounds are the best eating but I have eaten much larger ones and loved every bite. There is a wide variety of recipes for this fish including nuggets and catfish stew among others. I mentioned two of my favorites there.

The cleaning part I usually leave to my wife as she is soooo good at it. I let her do the cooking of them also as my specialty is salmon as I have mentioned. I really enjoy the eating part.


image of blue catfish as part of best fish species to eat

Concluding Part 1 of two….stay tuned for part two

This wraps up my first part of my top twenty. Please go here and catch part two. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts or questions.




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