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Description-baitcast fishing combo’s options

Baitcast fishing combo’s options below are some great options to explore if you admire quality long lasting equipment.

Lew’s Mach Pro Baitcast Combo
High on both performance and comfort, with good looks to match. Lew’s Mach Pro Baitcast Combo takes bass-catching fun to another level, with a rod and reel setup that’s perfect for a wide range of techniques. In other words it is great for all of us.

The reel- baitcast fishing combo’s options

Lew’s Mach Pro Baitcast Reel features Lew’s efficient Super Low Profile design. It has a tough graphite frame and side plates plus a machined, double-anodized aluminum U-spool. Inside, you’ll find a solid brass main gear and crank shaft. Also  a quality 10-bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing. Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS); durable Rulon drag; bowed aluminum 95mm handle with premium Winn Dri-Tac knobs; quick-release side plate lock lever. As you can see it is loaded.

The rod-baitcast fishing combo’s options

Lew’s matching rod is light and sensitive, yet powerful. It’s built on a highly responsive 1-piece IM8 graphite blank fitted with American Tackle Microwave Air guides; Therefore Lew’s graphite skeletal reel seat maintains your connection with rod, reel, and fish; Winn Dri-Tac polymer split grips; and a pro-style hook keeper.

Reel features:

Super Low Profile design
Tough graphite frame and side plates
Machined, double-anodized aluminum U- spool
Solid brass main gear and crank shaft
Premium 10-bearing system
Double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
Zero Reverse anti-reverse
External-adjust Magnetic Control System (MCS)
Durable Rulon drag
Bowed aluminum 95mm handle
Winn Dri-Tac handle knobs
Quick-release side plate lock lever                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Because of the above features this reel will last you a long time of fishing successfully.


Rod features:

Lightweight, sensitive, and powerful
1-piece IM-8 graphite blank
American Tackle Microwave Air guides
Custom graphite skeletal reel seat
Winn Dri-Tac polymer split grips
Pro-style hook keeper

Product Chart

Retrieve                Length                      Power                      Gear Ratio                          Additional Info
Right                        7’2″                          Medium                    7.5:1                         Model Number    MP1SH72MH

Left                                                                                                                                         Line Capacity  12/110

                                                                                                                                          Pieces           1
                                                                                                                                           Ball Bearings      9+1
                                                                                                                                           Max. Drag            15 lbs.
                                                                                                                                             Recovery              30″ per turn
                                                                                                                                               Action                 Fast
                                                                                                                                               Braid Capacity    50/110
                                                                                                                                                Line weight          12-25 lbs.
                                                                                                                                                Lure weight           1/4- 1 oz.

Go Here to see some of our other reviews. But for now lets continue with the ;

Fishing Baitcast combo's-Options image of featured combo

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Combo – JMP69MHTF

Some things have a value far beyond what you paid for them. If you’re serious about your fishing, your Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Platinum Baitcast Combo will surely be one of them. Therefore it will last and last.

Built for performance, the Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel features only the finest construction detailing. A solid machined aluminum frame. Aluminum side plates with an unbreakable titanium deposition finish, a double-anodized aluminum spool. Thus  the internals are especially tight and well-protected, with a drive system consisting of a super-light, high-strength Duralumin drive gear besides a Duralumin crankshaft, and a premium 11-bearing (10+1) system built around 10 double-shielded Japanese stainless steel ball bearings.

More features;

Plus Power lock instant anti-reverse—smooth perfection for the long haul. Externally adjustable Dual Braking System. High-performance carbon drag; 90 mm Recurve aluminum handle with EVA grips. Because of these features we know you will love it. Furthermore it is a highly well made outfit.

Our groundbreaking Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Casting Rod is incredibly light. Therefore is virtually an extension of your hand and arm, yet it can easily handle your heavy lifting. We’ve joined 5 layers of carbon sheeting to create an advanced RTX5 graphite blank with impressive sensitivity and power. A full 15% lighter and 35% stronger than previous models. Light, durable Fuji SiC guideset; super-comfortable nonslip Winn grips. Sleek, exposed-blank Fuji reel seat with Soft Touch coating. Includes our handy Line ID System.

Reel features:

  • High performance, incredible value
  • Solid machined aluminum frame and side plates
  • Titanium deposition finish
  • Double-anodized aluminum spool
  • Duralumin drive gear and crankshaft
  • 100% double-shielded 11-bearing (10+1) system
  • Premium Japanese stainless steel ball bearings
  • Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse
  • Externally adjustable Dual Braking System
  • Smooth, powerful carbon drag system
  • 90 mm Recurve aluminum handle with EVA grips

Rod features:

  • Unbelievably light and strong
  • Amazing feel and control, with plenty of power
  • Premium RTX5 graphite blank
  • Built with 5 layers of carbon sheeting
  • 15% lighter, 35% stronger
  • Lightweight Fuji SiC guides
  • Comfortable nonslip Winn grips
  • Exposed-blank Fuji reel seat with Soft Touch coating
  • Cushioned hood
  • Tangle-free hook keeper
  • Line ID System at rod butt
  • This R&R combo comes in a variety of lengths so as a result fits many of our various needs. So whatever your looking for this is a good place to start. For an accurate product chart for this model you can visit here.
  • Even more-baitcast fishing combo’s options

  • At Dicks Sporting Goods you can also find many options. Because of the wide variety of R&R combo’s i wanted to let you know just how many options are available. Therefore I wanted to introduce you to the;Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Baitcasting Combo, Adult Unisex, Size: 8’6that can be seen here.
    Product Information

    Built with an E-Glass rod, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 Combo is known for its strength and durability. The combo is outfitted with an Abu Garcia 700 reel, which features a synchronized level wind system that provides even line lay and a smooth retrieve. Constructed with a corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse bearing and Duragear brass main gear for extended gear life, the 7000 reel is as high quality as you can find. Complete with a high density EVA handle and aluminum oxide guides, the Ambassadeur 7000 Combo delivers an impressive performance.


    • Constructed from an E-Glass rod blank
    • Aluminum oxide guides
    • EVA handle
    • Corrosion resistant instant anti reverse bearing provides greater protection
    • Smooth and consistent multi disc draft system
    • Duragear brass gear for extended gear life
    • 6 pin centrifugal brake gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
    • Extended bent handle with power knobs for increased cranking power
    • Synchronized level wind system improves line lay and castability
    • Brand : Abu Garcia
    • Country of Origin : Imported
    • Style : 7000/701MH
    • Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 Baitcasting Combo product image
    • This beauty is a very excellent quality and priced for ease of purchase. Hence we all can own one of these babies. I for one would love to have this great combo rig. In my opinion Abu Garcia is one of the best in the industry. Because of its well known name it is very popular to serious fishermen. When it is time to get serious, it is time to get Abu Garcia. You can’t go wrong owning one of these. Another one I really like is a ;

      Daiwa ProCaster Baitcasting Combo

    • Product Information

      Whether you’re a novice or experienced angler, the Daiwa ProCaster Baitcasting Combo fits the bill as a well balanced, all around combination. The rod is constructed of lightweight carbon with a combo of a cork and EVA foam handle. The ProCaster Baitcaster’s low profile reel is compact, ensuring smooth casting and retrieves.


      • Lightweight full carbon rod
      • Daiwa’s signature D-Vec digi-camo paint job
      • Rod handles are constructed of cork and EVA foam
      • Well balanced system
      • Low profile and compact size 80 reel



      • Brand : Daiwa
      • Country of Origin : ImportedDaiwa ProCaster Baitcasting Combo image


Just have a look at this! Isn’t it nice! You know you want one! I know Daiwa stands for quality and therefore you are getting a really nice combo at an affordable price. I have a couple Daiwa rod and reel combo’s and I catch a lot of fish on them.
You really owe it to yourself to check one of these out. One of the nicest things about them is there versatility. I have caught a wide variety of fish with mine.
Because they are so manageable it makes it a pleasure to cast one of these awesome rigs out into the water. The next one we will talk about is the Shimano Caius combo which is also another one I feel is a very affordable yet high quality rod and reel that I personally would love to own.
Shimano Caius Baitcasting Combo product image
Product Information

The Shimano Caius Baitcasting Combo is fore fronted with a compact, versatile, and durable reel, designed with lightweight lure casting in mind. The Super Free Spool and improved 6-pin VBS make this a well rounded and versatile option.


  • Compact, versatile, and durable reel paired with a lightweight rod
  • Super Free Spool improves casting performance
  • 6-pin VBS (Variable Braking System) keeps backlash to a minimum with all weights and sizes of lures



  • Brand : Shimano
  • Specifications

    Model Rod Length Power Line Weight (lbs.) Retrieve Gear Ratio Bearings
    PCIS150BC70MHA 7’0″ Medium Heavy 10-20 Right 7.2:1 3+1
    PCIS151BC70MHA 7’0″ Medium Heavy 10-20 Left 7.2:1 3+1

    Well now that should give you some food for thought. Now you can start making your choice of the one you want. or maybe you want them all and that is okay too. After all you can’t have too many fishing poles. Keep checking here at for more of your soon to be favorite rod and reel combo’s.

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