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Fishing bass boats and the different options

Fishing bass boats are really nice to have when on the lake fishing. However you will want to consider many factors before deciding on the one you want. Do not just jump at the first one you get your eyes on. Maybe you just want a small kayak or john boat. Go here to see our review on kayaks.

You will agree after you read more that it is a big decision. I always recommend that you shop around. I will try and give you some options. It is always good to make a budget before you set out to buy. Boats are a big investment. So be sure you don’t rush into it.

image of bass boat cruising on the open water

  fishing bass boats image of john boat on lake As we see here you have two styles of bass fishing boats that are quite different. Which one would you say is more expensive? If you said the one on the left you would be correct. You should go here to see some boat pricing.

Fishing bass boat

Lets say you were going to a small lake and wanted to just troll slowly around the edges. You wouldn’t really need to have a huge boat and large motor. I would suggest a smaller john boat and trolling motor. Especially if you fished small lakes frequently. Go here to see some nice trolling motors if that is what you need and already have a small boat.

This is a very complex category of how to choose the right boat and a subject that could go on and on. We can talk about anything from a row boat to a deluxe pontoon. Possibly even a yacht. That is a little above my pay grade but kudos to any one that can afford them. No hard feelings.

We here at can always try and answer any questions you might have so please ask if you need answers. Feel free to go here to check out some of our other articles on boats or boating.

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