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Fishing with worms-Best worms

Fishing with live worms is to me a very good way to catch fish. To me it takes less of my energy than changing lures and other artificial baits.

Worms as a general rule are the most popular of all baits all over the world. They come in three basic types. For another article on worms you should go here. The three worm types I will discuss are the earthworm, the night crawler, and the red wiggler. however there are hundreds of worm species but not to many are effective or practical for fishing.

The earthworm is an original fishing bait that has been used since fishing began. I know they were the first thing I was introduced to for catching fish. They are easily obtained in the dirt of the earth. Therefore they are named earthworms. They can be used for bait on a wide variety of fish such as, bluegills crappie walleye and many many more.

The main difference between earthworms and night crawlers is their size. The night crawler or larger fatter worms. You can even find worms to buy on Amazon. Imagine that! Go here now to check them out.

Fishing with worms-the night crawler

Night crawlers are my favorite go to bait. There is just something about them that makes me think i have an advantage over the fish. They wiggle everywhere and the fatter the better  as far as appetizers go for the fish. They are readily available at any bait store and many hardware stores as well as some grocery stores. Plus you can get them in your own backyard and be fishing with live worms quicker.

A little dish soap and water at night brings them right up. Oh and after a rain is a perfect time to hunt them. No not with a gun! You might even consider farming them to sell as well as use yourself. Yep you to can be a worm farmer. Go here to find out how you can be a worm grower. These babies look good to a fat fish.

image of night crawlers all wadded up in best worms for fishing

A yummy treat

Now if you were a fish wouldn’t that make you want to bite at them? It would me and some people actually do eat these as a source of protein. Not me! But in a fishermans perspective you gotta love em! I have to tell you I have had more luck in my umpteen years of fishing using those than any other bait I have tried.

Yes they are a little messy but well worth the effort of getting them on the hook. I usually take a rag or two to wipe off the slime as I will call it.You can rinse your hands in the water too. There are a few tricks you can add to the worm also. Like some scents that attract different fishes.

You can also inject them full of air with a small syringe to make them look more enticing. I take in a lot of You Tube videos on fishing techniques as well. There is a ton of info there. FYI also did you know they have no eyes or ears? So they can’t hear you coming after them but they can feel the vibration on the ground. They are sunlight resistant and therefore you don’t see them out in broad daylight.

They have been known to grow as long as 14 inches. That’s a big night crawler. I don’t believe I ever saw one any longer than 6 inches and I cut him in half. Both halves still wiggled.

Red wigglers-A worm of a different color

Red wigglers as fishing bait goes, they are quite different than their relatives the night crawlers. First of all they are red just like they are named. These worms are not the best choice when it comes to bait but they are a decent bait to try. I know several people that swear by them just as I do about night crawlers. Have a look.

image of one pound of red wigglers as part of best fishing baits

A little background on the red wiggler. They are foremost a composting worm. They are not usually the first choice of fisherman. However they are a pretty good live bait as they are very lively. They don’t call them wigglers for nothing. It has been my experience that red wigglers catch the eye of the smaller younger fish. The small fish tend to hit and run very quickly where the larger fish want a larger meal. There are some people who fish with wigglers as a routine.

Red worms are a good bait for bluegill,trout,perch and other small species, not so good for the large catfish. They can survive in extreme temperatures which makes them good for the beginner fisher person.

Fishing with live worms more?

Yes folks there are more choices. One is the bloodworm. I don’t suggest this one unless you are experienced at handling this type of worm. It is almost like a snake. It can grow up to 18 inches and has teeth. So it will bite you if given the chance. They are used to catch striped bass, flounder, and king fish as well as many others. They are found mostly on the coast of the Northeast.

Another worm type is the butterworm which gives off a fruit smell which seems to attract panfish and bass. These worms are very small averaging 3/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches. They have a smooth body and are fatter like a caterpillar. They are to the most part imported ans shipped here in bran. The butterworm is a little pricy and therefore I don’t know many people who use them for fishing.

Waxworms are  more apt to be used for fishing and are often used in ice fishing. They are very good for catching panfish but have very soft bodies. Which makes them break off the hook fairly easy.

image of waxworms in a blue bowl ready to be used for fishing bait

bowl of waxworms

image of butterworms ready to be used for fish bait


a ball of bloodworms entangled in each other as part of fishing with live worms


See the difference between the butters and the wax? Not a whole lot but I think you can see why they are named the way they are. let me see if I can find you a picture of a bloodworm. One second. Okay here it is.


Fishing with live worms can be colorful as seen here. As always I hope you enjoyed this article on fishing baits.

now lets go fishin!

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