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Fishing with my son in Ohio in December!

Fishing with my son in Ohio in December was a awesome time!

It was simply awesome being able to go home and enjoy a couple unusual pretty spring days at the end of December. Fishing no less! We had a great time fishing and talking and solving the worlds problems ha ha.

It was one of the best times I have had all year. I never expected to be fishing there at this time of year. But boy did I have fun! I don’t like to brag but I have one of the best sons a man could have. He is a pretty good fisherman as well as you will see when I get this article finished.


Now I ask you is that a relaxed young man there by the rivers edge or what? I still think of him as a kid. It makes me feel younger. Of course he is all grown up but still loves to do things with me…especially fishing. Of this I am grateful.

Nice weather

The first day it was around 60 degrees and a little cool with the soft breeze but we were determined to be out fishing. He knows how much I love to go. I had a few bites but didn’t land anything. However he did and I was elated.



That was a nice bass that he landed the first half hour we were at that spot. We started out a little ways away but decided to move to a river spot we had been to many years ago together when he was quite young. It brought back a lot of memories. Good ones! The picture above just shows you that fishing with my son in Ohio in December put a smile on his face.

Catching but not landing-who cares

We caught but didn’t land a couple others but that was okay,  it was fun just having them get on the hook. Remember it was our first day out. We were using lures to start but soon went to night crawlers. River fishing is quite different than lake fishing.

The spot we were at is near Brinkhaven Ohio which is known for the longest covered bridge in Ohio which is a fun fact. Oh how I remember those early days when my son was just a boy. Those memories kept flashing back to me the entire day and day to follow. Those memories are priceless to me. Now new memories were being made.


This is an awesome little video I made while fishing with my son in Ohio in December and yes that is actually my handsome son. I hope you enjoy this short video. I thought it would be a nice touch to my vacation.

We certainly had a wonderful time fishing in the natural beautiful surroundings of the bridge.

My only regret is that the moment couldn’t last longer. Oh well there is always next time. Thee will be plenty of next times if I have anything to say about it.

Please keep in mind I am not a professional writer or cameraman. But I can tell you this I really love fishing.

The above video of fishing with my son in Ohio was nice. On day two we had a blast. The weather was great for northern Ohio in December. My companion was great of course since it was my handsome son again. Two men out fishing with night crawlers in hand. We set out to catch anything we could get our hooks in.

I won’t show you the picture of me tree fishing ha ha ha. Hey it happens to the best of them when fishing along the river. You know you get ready to cast big and sure enough you don’t look to see where the tree limb is hanging. Needless to say I lost some tackle that time. Hook line and sinker was gone up hanging in that tree.

That’s okay I just go here to get more tackle and maybe another reel or two. You can never have too many rods and reels I say. That might not be what the wife says though. Shhhh don’t tell her okay? Heck she has as many as I do as we both love fishing.

Back to my story

Back to my day two of having so much fun fishing and seeing the beautiful sky we set out to have major success. We didn’t have major success but we did catch some fish. Well my son did anyway. I was kept shutout but it was the fact we shared another day out in nature doing what we love best.

I guess you are waiting for more pictures? Let me see if I can find one that will really get you excited and wanting to go fishing yourselves. In the meantime let me tell you Ohio is a great place to go fishing. They have plentiful rivers and many lakes not to mention the farm ponds.

Fishing with my son in Ohio in December is reflected in the images below.


I ask you is that not beautiful? Yes sir it sure is! Day two found us forgetting the time and wanting to keep fishing but as all things it must come to an end eventually . We by no means got in a hurry to leave but the time seemed to go by ever so quickly. I knew my time fishing in Ohio would soon be over and it made me sad.

Next time

I can’t wait till we can get together again to be together out in the wide open spaces fishing to our hearts content. Did I ever tell you about the time we went to Virginia and met my son and grand daughter there and stayed in a quaint little cabin?

Don’t worry I will tell you soon. It involves fishing of course. Please go to my fishing stories category at

Well as always I am getting antsy to get this article published for ya’ll. It always gives me a good feeling if I know I am doing some good here for fellow fisherman and their families. So I leave you now with this thought;

Be kind to one another and Love Fishing together! Please feel free to comment below and or give me some insight on what you might like to read about in the future.

   Now lets go fishing!





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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun, I can stand the cold but it’s the waiting that kills me. But at least it has a nice view and you can enjoy the river while you wait for a fish to land. I am glad that your son caught a fish in the first thirty minutes. That rarely happens I think.

    • Yes John it is a lot of fun if you like fishing but waiting is all part of the game. You are right about enjoying the view ans calming sounds of the water and nature sounds. The first thirty minutes is in my mind crucial to feeling out the day. Not necessarily landing a fish but at least getting some bites on the hook.Thanks for the comments.

  2. I just moved back to my hometown in southwest Ohio near Cincinnati and you are definitely correct. The weather has been unusually warmer than I expected.  It has been enjoyable to go out and see/do things without having to bundle up as much as usual.  Fishing is a wonderful thing for family and friends to do together.  I am glad that you were able to spend it with your son.  I know how you are feeling with the age factor because my boys are grown as well.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I was changing their diapers and picking out their clothes.  Enjoy family time and fishing!

    • Thanks Jennie! 

      Glad to see a fellow Buckeye reading my post. Like I say in my website my son is very important to me and no matter how old he gets he will always be my baby boy.

      I hope you enjoyed the article and it makes you want to follow my website and recommend it to others.

  3. Thank you for posting what is simply a story of a great time spent with a loved one.

    Too often posts these days just want to sell you something or are so opinionated that you’re either head over heals or ready to brawl with the author, LOL.  It’s refreshing to get something that’s just real for a change.

    You’re lucky to have a connection with your son like this.  It’s sure nice to be able to hang out and just enjoy each other’s company without any expectation or needing to compromize in some way to make it happen.

    I have to say, I’m not sure I’d be fishing in December in Ohio, LOL.  I’m a bit of a cold wuss.

    Again, thanks for the post.  It made me smile.


    • Scott, I am flattered you enjoyed the post.

      Yes it is so true most people think money rules and sure I like it too but I love sharing good content with folks. I want to impress on folks that time here on earth is short so lets enjoy each other. I am very lucky to have a son like I have. As far as the weather goes we were lucky cause I am not sure we would have went if it had been very cold.

      The good Lord has a way of smiling on us sometimes. I am happy I made you smile! I Love Fishing!

  4. Hey Chris, Its incredible what you have going with your son. Regardless of the number of fish you both end up catching, i imagine is nothing compared to the memories you created that day. I have no doubt you had fun and I’m sure you’d be looking forward to more days like that.

    Glad you shared, thanks.

    • Thanks friend!

      Yes it is incredible that in these day and times a younger person wants to spend time with an older person even if it is his dad, I feel very lucky and honored my son feels the same as I do. We had so much fun and created memories that I will remember as long as my mind holds up. Looking forward to ore days like that? You bet! Thanks for reading and hope you get some value from the article.

  5. Thank you for your post. It is so nice you share your personal experience with us. Fishing is also my hobby, but I live in New York and I never fished in December, since it is cold.

    I can see you are so happy to fish with your son. From your description “Now I ask you is that a relaxed young man there by the rivers edge or what? I still think of him as a kid. It makes me feel younger. Of course he is all grown up but still loves to do things with me…” You are caring and responsible father. Your son loves you so much even grown up he is still doing the fun thing with you. 

    I am thinking about going fishing with my son in December. It is going to have a lot of fun.

    • Anthony, Thank you!

      You have given me more incentive to add more stories. I like sharing my lifes stories to help people to enjoy life. I see you haven’t fished in December so I guess you haven’t gone ice fishing. It is a lot of fun. I am sure I can write a story about my experience with ice fishing. Anyway I am glad you got an incentive to go fishing with your son.

      Thanks for you support!

  6. Great article, Chris.

    Fishing is always a good thinking activity and it’s especially great when you can do it with the people you love. I liked hearing about your trip with your son, especially since it was in December and warm enough to still go through with it.

    I’ve gone fishing a few times. One time I was in a boat and we got a bite from something so big our boat almost tipped over! Not quite the relaxing sport I thought it would be, but still made good memories.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with the world. I always like to hear the simple things that bring joy to people, like a casual fishing trip.


    • Thanks Isaac, 

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and that you got something out of it.It sounds like you had a whopper when you went fishing and I am glad you still remember it.

      I am all about the simple things and helping people to learn and hear about fishing and the good family time that can be gotten from it. Spread the word! Lets go fishing!

  7. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. it is such a beautiful thing creating time out with our kids. i love your story and it is intriguing nice pictures and videos also. i am looking forward to seeing more of your articles

    • Hello Benny,

      I am happy to see you enjoyed the article. You are quite right spending time with our kids is very meaningful especially to me as I was denied a father to spend time with when I was young. Thank God for stepfathers.I am glad you viewed the videos as well and the pictures. I will be writing much much more for your enjoyment.

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