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Is Fly Fishing For You? Learn fly fishing

There are lots of people who are fond of fishing, and this hobby of people has been going on for a long time,
are you one of them? And why not be? It is true that fishing is very fun. So this is the reason that people find
new ways of fishing and fly fishing is one of them. It may be that most of you don’t know what fly fishing
is? So below is the answer. Learn fly fishing.

Image of man holding a fly rod and reel to learn fly fishing

What is fly fishing

The way in which fishing forks are used, same as that, in fly fishing lightweight lure is used to catch fish
which are called artificial fly or lure fly. Fly fishing is a different technique of fishing in which an artificial
fly is used as a light lure because flies can resemble natural invertebrates (arthropods, snails, insects,
earthworms and leeches) and other food organisms which can be used as a lure to catch fish.

Artificial fly

A light fishing lure that looks like a butterfly, and used as a lure to catch fish is known as an artificial fly or
fly lure. Generally, fly lure is the dummy of natural food sources that fly fishers use as a lure and present on
the top of the water for fish. An artificial fly is made by tying many materials like furs, threads, and feathers,
etc. To make it look real.

Best and fun reasons to start fly fishing

It works as a meditation
Where does anyone have time in today’s life to sit somewhere satisfied? Everyone is busy in their tight life
schedule, neither one has time to meditate nor to enjoy life. So fly fishing can become a tool in your life to
meditate as well as to enjoy your life. So what could be the better reason to start fly fishing?

It’s a game of tactics

You can become a good fly fisher only when you can even analyze the movement and ripple of the river
because paying attention can give the whole game on your hand.

If you want to increase the chances of
catching fish, every choice you make should be perfect from choosing the lure fly on your line to choosing
the right timing. After showing the lots of patience you get your fish, which gives you the top level of

It’s pleasant

If you are the kind of person who appreciates the challenge and knows the feeling of achieving small but
tough things then this sport is for you. Here is the small piece of advice for you guys, when you begin to fly
fishing, at the beginning time mostly this happens that you don’t catch a single fish because fishing is
something in which you can’t be expert in just one day. It takes time and a lot of practice.

Just enjoy that beautiful and peaceful time and keep patience because the day you will catch your first fish
will be so satisfying and you will definitely include it in the best experiences of your life.

It is not going to cost you much

Having a hobby like fly fishing is not tough to manage because it is not at all expensive. Because you can at
least spend little on your fishing gear which doesn’t come at that high price all you need to have is fly rod
with line and leader, and collection of lure flies. And the last thing is water which is of course free.

Spend time on the water

No matter what people say, the quality time spent in the water is beautiful and unbeatable. By spending time
in the water, the heart gets relaxed, which is not possible anywhere else.

Fly fishing techniques
This type fishing is fun but it is also true that it’s not an easy task. Fly fishing is a form of art that is very
challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Best of fly fishing part is that you can’t be perfect at fly fishing if
you are a beginner but you can definitely start to enjoy it from the first day.

There are 3 main casting techniques that people use in fly fishing


Man standing waist deep in water fly fishing



The overhead cast- this is the technique that is used most of the time while fishing, and it’s a base of almost
every casting variation.
The back cast- this cast is the necessary part of fishing because you load the energy on the rod to through it
The forward cast- in this case, you bring the rod forward with energy to unroll line and through it forward
in the water to catch the fish.

Difference between fly fishing and spin fishing

Spin fishing
If you are serious about catching lot of fish, then this will be better in your favor if you are going to catch
other fish aside from trout, and lures like resistance and crank baits can be only used in spin rods, and if it’s
spin fisherman vs fly fishermen, spin fisherman is definitely going to win if it’s not about trout fish.

Learn Fly fishing
Fly fishing is all about peace, the way to catch fish in fly fishing is to fool a fish by showing an artificial fly
that is artificially made with an animal feather, hair, etc.

Mostly fishermen challenge themselves in fly fishing, their intention is not to catch lots of fish, and fly
fishing is something which gives you satisfaction and peace. You enjoy the process more than the result in
fly fishing.

Is fly fishing for you and me ?

Yes, definitely fly fishing for you and me because it is an affordable hobby, and it is not just about catching
fish, there are a lot more reasons to start fly fishing.

There are a few reasons that people enjoy fishing and most of it has nothing to do with actually catching fish.
Because people simply love being outdoors on a beautiful lake, stream, or the ocean. It can be boring for
someone but it is also relaxing at the same time.

That environment can clear all the worries from your mind because you are away from all of your work,
responsibilities and family life. Go here to see what I mean.

Healthy benefits of fly fishing

You can actually get lots of health benefits from fly fishing because it is so relaxing, rewarding and exciting
at the same time. It also burns your calories up to 500 to 1500, after all, it’s an outdoor sport and it’s a great
way of exercise that you don’t even notice while doing.

It also enhances your mood because it is so good for our mental and physical health to breathe fresh air, and
doing fly fishing also recharges us mentally because it gives our brain break from lots of stress.


Fly fishing is a hobby that reduces your stress and gives peace to your mind, it connects you with the nature,
you get a chance to explore the wild and aquatic life, and fishing teaches you to believe in the small
moments of life. Especially fly fishing is something which people do for their inner peace and learn a lot of
things from the nature. Go here now to get everything you need to get started.

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  1. If someone like me who fishes but never has tried this finds it amazing that fly fishing sounds sound peaceful to do.  Like you said it’s almost like meditating and can be such a peaceful hobby to do in your free time.  Is fly fishing very hard to learn or can you take the casting skills that you have and use them to help you to learn how to do it?  Can you go fly fishing off of a boat or is it recommended to be right in a river to have a steady platform to fish off of?  I think you have some very helpful information and will be looking into how to fly fish soon in the future.   Thank you 


    • Thanks for letting me help out just a little. Yes from a boat is okay but I prefer stable ground. Anyone who loves fishing can learn very easily. I hope you go soon. It’s great!

  2. I would say that fishing has to be the most frustrating yet at the same time relaxing sport in the world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for hours, to not even get a nibble. While other days fish are little tackling the lure as soon as it hits the water. 

    I really don’t have much experience fly fishing. My grandpa has his old gear lying around (the rod is literally 50 years old). Do you think a rod that old would be obsolete compared to the fly fishing rods sold today?

    • Yes Nick it can be frustrating but I don’t get to frustrated anymore. I just enjoy being out and don’t get to excited if I don’t catch anything. Of course catching fish is very rewarding. As to the 50 year old rod I’m pretty sure it’s made probably better than the ones are today. It would depend a lot on the condition. I hope that helps

  3. Fly fishing looks super fun and a great way to spend time outdoors.  I will be visiting my father in Portland and we are planning to take a week long fishing excursion in Montana.  Along with learning how to fly fish, I am excited about getting back out in nature again.  My question is this, what age is the earliest kids can learn to fly fish as I want to take my 10 year old with us?

    • Hey Pamela, Glad to hear you are going fishing with your father! Have a great time! Your son should be the perfect age for learning. My son learned around that age. Remember make it fun and not too serious for his sake.

      Have a great day!


  4. Thanks for such a great article. I’ve always enjoyed fishing, I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario and one of the things people love to do there is fish in the great Lake Superior. I never really tried fly fishing before, however, and now I can’t wait to give it a try. I appreciate how relaxing and rewarding fishing, in general, can be. 

    Thanks again for all the information!

    • Your welcome Michelle, I find fishing relaxing no matter what type! Living where you do you should learn and go soon.  Give fly fishing a try. I think you will love it!

      Thank you,


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