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Fishing fundamentals

The art of fishing fundamentals are quite easy to learn. Like anything in life you must start with fundamentals. Everything from the proper stance to casting accurately. One of the most important things to learn is always be alert of you surroundings as you wouldn’t want to fall in the water or get hurt while enjoying one of the finest forms of relaxation in the world.

I find that fishing with a friend is quite nice especially when the friend is more of an avid fisherman. He can teach you many fundamentals that you are lacking. Fishing buddies are nice to have as company so you don’t get so bored at times of inactive fish. He can show you all of his tackle and rods and reels and how to tie hooks and lures.

He can also show you how to tie different rigs and placement of you weights on you line plus if you lucky he can tell you about the one that got away. You know it was a monster fish. I always say a say of fishing without learning something is a day of fishing wasted! So the art of fishing fundamentals is important.

I suggest practice casting oh say in the backyard or going to an open field somewhere and placing targets on the ground at different distances to work on you accuracy. Make sure you place them in an open area and scatter them left to right. The art of fishing fundamentals comes into play again.

Try to cast at different stances to see which one suits you the best. You can practice what I call overhand and then try side armed casting. They will both come in handy in various situations. While you are out there you can also experiment with you different types of weights and various weights of you lead.

I always recommend watching fishing shows and videos on various kinds of television or online sites. They can be quite useful in you learning the art of fishing fundamentals.

Fishing fundamentals for Fishing gear


Don’t make it so serious as a professional would, just remember you out there to have fun and relax. I always suggest starting out with low priced but good gear, The  basic stuff to start with as you might for some crazy reason not like fishing at all after you try it. There are many learners outfits and accessories. You have to check with the experts on you different types of lures used for different types of fish.

A good quality lure is the best but you might want to go with cheaper ones at first. your will want to learn about the different types for different fish plus learn what colors to use on different kinds of skies, whether it is clear skies or cloudy skies.

One piece of equipment you might consider is a fish finder/ sonar device to help you locate the area of fish and their size and how a good deal of might be in a certain area.

They also are good for sizing the fish in the area you are in and the approximate number of fish are around you. It is like having eyes under water without getting wet. So make sure you have you net ready to get that big one.

Rods and reels   are fishing fundamentals as seen in the following image                                                     

Rods and reels are essential to you catching you quota of fish, whatever specie you desire. Again Personally I would start with something basic and a comfortable size for you body size and stature, not to big and certainly not too small for you to handle comfortably.

Rods are sized by many factors including size of fish you are after, the type of waters you will;ll be fishing in, the type of water i.e., saltwater or freshwater. I particularly like open-faced reels as compared to bait casting reels.

It’s probably more important to by a better reel than to worry about the rod as a beginner. It is all about what suits you best.

I prefer open-faced reels as I like being able to see my line and what shape its in. I also use closed faced or bait casters. Personally I would like to go deep sea fishing again as it was very enjoyable seeing all the large fish out there even if you do not catch anything. The equipment is a lot different and a lot bigger. A good thing to do is charter a boat with a guide who knows the waters and can lend his expertise in you adventure.

Fishing for catfish                    

For all you catfish fisherman I want to tell you It is one of my biggest thrills to land a catfish. A really big fish is always more impressive to me and others. You don’t catch the big fish just anywhere though. It might take some scouting or if you lucky enough you might know someone who doesn’t mind sharing the proverbial spot known as a honey hole. Catfish bait is important also.

Landing a lot of nice fish

The art of fishing fundamentals will land a lot of fish as seen here                                   

When it is all said and done who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy the relaxation of it all and enjoy eating you catch after a nice day fishing. The pride and enjoyment of it all makes me want to go enjoy it right now. Grab a pole and Let’s go.

Speaking of poles (rods) you may want to fish with more than one once you become more experienced. I like to use at least two rods and that way it might increase you odds of catching one. There are many styles and sizes so make sure you have what is comfortable for you. Many people think that more than two rods is too many. That is a personal choice. I use three sometimes with different types of bait.

One rod would be baited with say live minnows while the other may be baited with a night crawler (worm) while the third rod will be my lure fishing rod. At night Personally I would use a dark colored lure and daytime bright skies

Personally I would use a light color with maybe some silver on it, again it depends on what kind of fish you are after. I do a lot of night fishing for catfish using various kinds of bait and lures but mostly chicken livers and night crawlers. As seen below the worm is a valuable part of fishing fundamentals.





The use of bells on the tip of you rod is a good idea to alert you to a nibble on you bait. Again that depends on how dark you area is or how well you remembered to bring lanterns. Also, the bells alert you if you do other chores or helping you buddy.

You might be making a snack and all of a sudden you bell starts ringing. Personally I want to catch that fish and eat later maybe eat the fish ringing you bell. Let us talk a little about hooks and hook size. always use the size hook appropriate with the size of the bait you are using. Then you can cook them up.

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  1. This article was really interesting and informative. My husband loves to fish so I may have him read it as well! He’s always looking for tricks and strategies. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for this great post.

    Let me start off by saying, I’m not much of a fisherman.  I’ll go but I usually don’t go somewhere just to fish unless it’s because I’m with someone who wants to go fishing.  I enjoy it, I just don’t seek it out.

    That said, my last fishing trip was a week in Alaska.  Halibut and Salmon were the targets.

    Gear selection definitely plays a role in the success or lack there of in fishing but, for most, it’s not the actual fish that matters (unless you catch a trophy), it’s the action of fishing itself.  It can be relaxing, invigorating, frustrating and so-on.  Still we do it and we love it.

    Thanks again,


  3. Hey! Chris,

    You have start something great and found different niche to provide information and share knowledge. But as a new site there is few things to complete. Even you should read again about me page and change topics using appropriate words. And describe yourself much well to impress your audience. 

    It isn’t appropriate use site link again and again for each topic. re read again content and find mistake you had done when writing article. You can use images to provide more detail instructions. It can help to understand process well for readers.

  4. My husband lives fishing. He just went fishing on a charter boat in Long Island this weekend and he got many porgies and a sea Robbins from the trip. You made an absolutely perfect point about reminding yourself that you are fishing for the purpose of having fun and relax! Omg I have to tell my husband that all the time. I am going to make him read your post so he doesn’t get too carried away. He always have all these tricks and strategies such as the water temperature, the casting the…. so many etc. Because of that I found a replacement (my nephew) to go fishing with him instead of me. Thanks for the tips and links on amazon. I will share you post to my husband.


    • Thanks for the kind words. It is a must for me to relax as I am a hobbyist not a pro. I don’t even get upset if I don’t catch anything.

  5. Hi Chris, your post is very insightful and I can tell from your writing that you really are sold on the art of fishing. I am no enthusiast nor have any experience with fishing, but you just made me “salivate” suddenly became hungry because I love eating fish, but do not like the hard work & the patience. You really must be passionate and driven by this love of catching fish. Thank you for the wonderful post. Can I ask one question though, the links that are next to the headings are they meant to be clicked(offering more information) or they are just decorating. Please watch out for spelling errors, as it might be taken as unprofessional by the visitors. I love the page layout and it fits well with your writing style and all the information is well placed. You may want to tidy up the uncategorised button(perhaps put  this post under a certain category on your website) so that it appears professional & neat. All in all, well done on putting meaning to the art of catching a fish, equipment and the lures that come with it and you have convinced me to appreciate the work behind the wonderful tasty fish. I wish you all the best.

  6. Hello Chris, this is very lovely to read because i have a friend who loves to fish a lot and i enjoy going with him every time. For me, it is more of something i like watching people do than what i do myself. I also love researching about it and this is why i am here. I think this information is really good and i need to share it with my friend. Nice post here. Good work.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I hope everyone can benefit from what I am trying to do here and if anyone ever needs my help I am here for them.I wish us all success.

  7. Thanks for this much details that you have provided here and I really found this to be top notch because you have provided a guide on the art of fishing. To reiterate what you stated that, practising is very needed for fishing in order to get the basics of it so that it would be much more easier to get it right while engaging in it fully. I can tell you that you have really provided enough information here. Thanks

    • My main intent is to bring happiness to others by trying to help them with as many techniques and ideas as I can think of. I will continue to bring many more ideas to my website for all to learn and enjoy as much as me. Thank you so much for your comments.

  8. Stumbling on this article right now has given me joy because it came at the right time I needed it, I’m not that good when It comes to fishing but I love to go fishing right from young with my dad. I like to fish with one or two more people as I get bored easily at it. It’s good that a quality lure will help you get big fishes. I’ll share this article to my dad and some of my friends we do go fishing together and I’m sure they’ll gain two things or more from it. Thanks

    • Thanks for your comments and that is what is all about to me. Helping people and making sure everyone at least tries to experience the joy I get from fishing.Yes I also find it more fun with many others joining me.

  9. This is really great to know of as you have provided a very helpful process on how to engage in the art of fishing. I just developed interest in fishing and I have been garnering knowledge on it and I can say that this has really been helpful with the information you have provided here. From the art of fishing to the kits needed and all, I can only say thank you for sharing this out.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I am intending to help people as much as I can with my stories and knowledge.Always remember that it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors as well. Relax,have fun,enjoy!

  10. Landing a big fish has always been a joy for any fisherman. Nobody goes out to fish for a small one. My dad is a veteran and the joy on his face is always priceless. I remember when i was younger and he caught a big fish, he asked us to ask for whatever we wanted, this isnt something that comes regularly, so we know the importance of a big fish. I do not fish so often but i will go with dad someday soon. He will really cherish that. Maybe we can get a catfish. Nice article you have here. Thanks

    • Thanks for the nice comments. I love going fishing with my son and appreciate it when we can get together. I am positive your dad will enjoy your company.

  11. I agree with you that fishing is a very nice way to relaxation but I think most people don’t know about it. I love fishing but the vine reduced not quite long ago, I went fishing with a friend of mine and I feel into the water, unfortunately it was on a rock so I go injured on my shoulder, since then my wife always get bothered and won’t let me go fishing on weekends on less I have one of my friends to accompany me. Thanks for sharing this, even though I’m not more of the kind that chase the fishes, I mostly go for the fun of it but I think that might change anytime soon and these tips will be a good guide for me. You’ve done well by taking time out to make this, thanks.

    • You are welcome and sorry to hear about your injury. I have fallen a few times myself. I am really into it as a form of relaxation and don’t get to serious about catching something every time. I do enjoy trying to help others relax and have fun.

  12. Really fascinating and informative article I would say. Three of my uncles are professional fishing company leaders but their area is trawl fishing with a sustainable way. I have been fisher with rods and reels since I was 5 years old and it is so great hobby, it is curious to try to pick a big one but even if you cant do it, you get healthy and almost free food. Thanks for sharing.

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