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Picture of mangetting ready to cast one of the best fishing lures everWell now what do I choose?

There are so many types,shapes, and colors of lures do you have the same problem as I do picking the one I need? Fishing lures can be a little confusing at first but there is no need to worry. I say buy as many as you can afford and keep buying as you go along because you can never have too many. Go here to see some other ideas.

To me some of my best lures may not be yours. It depends a lot on what you are fishing for and where you are fishing. It also depends on the weather and wind speed. Another factor might be the distance you want to cast.

A little tip

A little tip for you is usually on the lure package. It will give you some info on what type of fish to use them for. My wife actually chooses the as she would say The Pretty ones. Go here to see some pretty ones. But not to worry you can always do an online search if you are a beginner fisherman. All the experts out there may think this story is funny but do they remember they were a beginner once themselves.

Everyone has to start at the beginning no matter what we are talking about. I like to keep thinking of myself as a beginner because you can always learn something new. Even if you think you know it all. As many of you know fishing lures come in a variety of choices and price ranges. It isn’t necessarily the high dollar lure that catches the big one. I personally would rather have a lot of cheaper ones and be able to have more of them.

So do not worry folks it is your choice of what to choose and don’t be afraid to ask someone what they have luck with.  Please feel free to comment and/or add any advise or ask questions.

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