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Tackle boxes/ large or small – what’s right for you? Let us talk about it. Tackle boxes in review. A beginner might have a small tackle box and the more experienced may have a large tackle box. My preference is a medium size as not to get to much of a burden carrying it around. No matter which size you may have or want you need to make sure it is adequate for the type of fishing you are doing. So I ask you again tackle boxes/large or small tackle boxes in review .What’s right for you? Go here now to see examples.

You always want to make sure you are prepared for the type fish you are trying to catch and what type of fish are in the area you are fishing for. The expert angler most always has a large box as to make sure he is prepared for anything, he will have plenty of different styles of lures,hooks,line and sinkers. Always remember you are there to have fun and catch your dinner possibly. Doesn’t that fish in the picture look tasty?

Picture of a fish caught by the wife and the stringer through its mouth from tackle boxes in review

Tackle boxes in review

What we here at intend to  do, is to help you decide which size and style tackle box suits your needs. Of course if we are talking about first time fisherman and we aren’t sure if fishing is for them then we need to focus on small boxes. Small tackle boxes are pretty inexpensive so, we won’t have a lot of money tied up in them.

When we are talking about fishermen that are just occasionally  going fishing  think about this. Is he or she really into it or is it mostly just to get exercise and relaxation. Again factors to be considered are always something you want to think about. Sport fishing or pleasure fishing?  The serious more professional minded fisherman will require bigger and better equipment. Go here to see a review of one of the nicer tackle boxes for the avid fisherman.

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