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How to catch crappies

These are my thoughts on crappie Fishing;

How to catch crappies is a very difficult subject to explain simply.

First of all let me tell you that crappie fishing can be a lot of fun but you need a bit of patience as they are very clever with a peculiar diet. It is my opinion that they are quite elusive and are very smart. You can find these fish almost anywhere at any time of the season. However they can be very hard to figure out. They will give you fits at times trying to guess their next move.

Be prepared for their cleverness-how to catch crappies

I have learned over the years that you need to bring a lot of live bait, not just a little bit or you will be done fishing early. I have also learned you need a lot of lures and tackle. Your lure collection should include many different colors as they keep you guessing as which color they like on any given day. What works one day may not work the next.

They are  very challenging fish to catch but who doesn’t love a challenge. That is why I call it fishing. Would you want them to just jump out of the water into your lap? Maybe? Just a joke folks.

If you don’t mind a little cold weather the winter time is a pretty good time to fish for crappie as they are spawning. When they are spawning they are in shallow water close to the shoreline. I always use pretty light tackle when fishing for crappie in the winter.

In the other seasons I usually try to get in a boat for drifting out in the deeper waters. They just don’t hang out near the shoreline when it warms up.                                              Picture of a caught crappie in How to catch crappies

Be prepared for their taste in baits

It has been my experience in how to catch crappies that the crappie love my minnows to no end. I usually take around six dozen with me and sometimes end up catching more with my seine. I don’t want to quit early and go home empty handed. Go here to see other ideas on live baits.

When you go into your local bait shop you can ask the expert there which type of minnows they have and what has been good lately. They are relatively inexpensive so load up.

One good thing to remember is you aren’t going to catch a huge crappie so use lightweight gear and a light string so as to feel the bite of a soft mouthed crappie. They are very good at biting your hook only to escape do to,  a to hard of a pull on them. I think back and I believe that one of the biggest Crappie I caught was around four pounds.

Remember if your using lures the best ones to use are the kind that go under the water as opposed to riding the top of the water. They are a little different than fishing for bass. Remember that I told you earlier to experiment a lot with your colors.

The early bird gets the worm

One thing I believe in is fishing for crappie very early in the day as they really like to eat as the sun is rising. I am kind of that way myself. A good breakfast and all that as the saying goes.

I haven’t had much luck catching crappie in the middle of the day or later. I do recommend fish finders and encourage people who are serious about fishing in general to own one. They will help you tremendously.  Go here for some suggestions. As always I encourage to leave me comments or maybe some of your tips on crappie fishing. Lets go fishing!


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