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Grandpa and child sitting on bank of lake fishing

How to fish with kids

How to fish with kids is an event which I do not do often enough but when I can it is so enjoyable and sometimes comical. For instance fishing poles for kids is a quite simple thing one would think. I like to think of it as age oriented as you have so many different shapes and sizes of children these days. For instance you would want to make sure a small child with small hands uses a small pole and one that fits his or her hands. You would’t want a huge pole for small hands…would you?

I say you need to try and fit them as needed to accommodate their hand and body size. You also wouldn’t want to see a large person with a tiny child sized pole. It is all about comfort and their ability. They have beginner style fishing poles and reels for the beginner fisherman. The kids wouldn’t enjoy themselves near as much if you gave them a pole that was way to big for them and you would not enjoy hearing then complain and not having fun. Remember it is all about having fun with them and everyone has more fun when the kids are happy.

You also want it to be a learning process for them. There is nothing like fishing with a happy fisherman as compared to a person that is miserable. I recommend for the younger kids maybe a nice small Zebco with the Mickey Mouse design or other cartoon character. Go here now to see kids fishing poles. Believe me I would even use one if it was all I had. Hey I like Mickey! A man and his wife teaching his kids how to fish from a dock


How to fish with kids

One of the best things I can think of with fishing with young kids is all the memories that can be made while teaching the grand kids the art of fishing. You may not think about that at the time but as you get older like me it becomes much more important. It makes your day later in life when they ask you….Hey grandpa you wanna go fishing? It makes me melt inside.

Life is short and I believe in making the best of it. Grandchildren and fishing together is a very satisfying thought for me. Not only is it creating memories for me but them as well and hopefully it teaches them to take time to smell the fish in life.

The Ins and Outs of fishing; How to fish with kids

As I have said earlier it does matter what kind of poles and reels they (the kids) use when learning and progressing as they get older. A small bait casting reel with a small pole is ideal for the young beginner as opposed to the open faced type reel. Which takes more coordination they might not have acquired yet. Keep it simple for them until you start observing them gain confidence and strength. Then as they start getting better and better you can help them decide what style rod and reel they have grown into.

I remember very well when my boy was very young. Learning how to fish and progressing over the years into what I think is a very capable fisherman. When he started learning from me when he was about three years old. He is now over forty and wow he is quite the fisherman. He is not an expert mind you but he is very well taught. Had to brag a little bit.I think has had every stage and style of fishing poles and reels you can imagine.

He teaches me things now such as the kind of bait that works best for the different types of fish, and the different styles of lures that work the best in all the different bodies of water. We have enjoyed to this day a large amount of good times out fishing.Go here to see our other enjoyable stories.Picture of my real son at the dock in Myrtle beach fishing in the ocean

Moral of the story 

In ending I want to say thank you to my son. For his inspiration for this post and for being the best person and fisherman he can be. I am truly proud.

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  1. Well, this reminded my of my childhood days. I spent most of my Sundays on the nearby lake with my father. There is something so soothing about staring at the water and enjoy the smell and the wind of the surroundings. It is not about catching something but about enjoying the nature and having fun with your family or friends.

  2. Reading your post here took me right back to when I was a small child, in fact I was 9 years old when mu father took me fishing for the first time, I can of course still remember how excited I was, getting all of the fishing tackle ready before going to bed and then getting up very early in the morning to set out fishing, I actually caught four fish on that very memorable day, I would encourage all parents to take their sons or even their daughters too on a day of fishing, it really is a very interesting and exciting day for any child, it call also lead to a very interesting hobby, thank you for sharing this post and giving me a little walk down memory lane.  

  3. Hi! This is a very pleasant experience, going to fish with our kids. And as you have explained, it builds lasting memories that bring a smile to our faces every time we evoke them. Thanks for sharing your story about you and your son. Send my warm salute to him too. Ties like these build a happy family.

  4. I have a small grandson and he has seen my fishing equipment and has asked me a lot of questions. Every time he comes over to spend some time with us he asks when I’ll take him fishing to the lagoon. Up to this point, I had been hesitating, not knowing if it would be a good idea. But he’s already old enough and your post has greatly inspired me. Thanks!

    • Henry, I wish you all the best and thank you for the nice comment. Now go and get that fella ready and lets go fishing. I am glad to hear you are on your way to a lot of memories.

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