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A small child learning how to love fishing by the waters edgeHow do we get our grand kids to love fishing?

To start off you want to tell them about the fun they can have with grandpa. You want to make sure they are old enough to enjoy and understand what fishing is all about. How to love fishing!

First of all let’s have them get to the age of oh lets say 4 years old. By then, they are walking and talking fairly good. We don’t want to rush them as it may be dangerous for them before that age. By then, they can communicate with you pretty well. Plus you as the teacher won’t get to frustrated with them as you want this to be fun for both of you.

How to love fishing- Patience is a virtue

At age 4 you will want to have a lot of patience with them so remember they are only 4 years old. You will not want them baiting hooks or casting by themselves or wandering off to where you cannot see them. At this age it may be tough for them to do a lot for themselves but they will learn from you if you are patient.

You always want to choose a location for their age such as a farm pond or local free fishing area. You really don’t have a lot of expense tied up at an early age as there are no licenses to buy for the youngster. Please remember this is a learning experience for them and probably you as well. So have fun!

The next step –  How to love fishing                                          

By age 6 they should be well on their way to fishing pretty self sufficiently. You will however need to keep a close eye on them. By now, they should be casting and baiting their own hooks and possibly taking a fish off the hook that they just caught. Can you just imagine how excited they must be catching their own fish all by themselves even if you do have to release it for them. I can almost remember how excited my son was when he was that age and caught his first fish.

You know the best part of it all is they are learning something new. Not just sitting inside playing video games. They are learning about the hobby I love and hopefully learning to love fishing. Not only are they learning about fishing but they are learning about the outdoors and the need to keep our environment clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

Outfitting with the right equipment

Okay let us start off with age appropriate equipment. Remembering again that we are fishing with a very young partner. Certainly you don’t want him or her to be uncomfortable with their equipment. Such as a rod and reel for older folks so make sure you get them an age appropriate rod and most places where you buy fishing supplies have recommended age levels on a tag. Plus you know your fishing buddy and what is the right size for him or her.

When kids are first starting their fishing career you need not buy the most expensive gear. As you well know they will continue to grow and require different equipment as they age. You can buy what I call middle of the road stuff as to not get too much cost involved. Especially if for some strange reason they don’t enjoy fishing, you aren’t out too much money. But I am sure the kids will love fishing.

Fishing with the grand kids is a great way to fellowship with them and keep connected with them and you can keep up with their lives as you all continue to go fishing. I learned some fascinating things from my son as we aged together on our fishing trips and still find out things I wouldn’t normally find out. I really love it when my grand daughter goes with us fishing. Even though at times I think she goes to make her dad and grand pa happy. It makes my heart smile!

Growing up to love fishing                                               

As they grow up you will want to start getting them more tackle and gear so they will be ready for anything. I kind of use myself as a guide to getting what they need. With experience comes knowledge and after all you want them to be successful.

If you ask anyone that knows me they can tell you I have more than I could ever need or use but I like being prepared. I can tell you from experience that when kids grow up loving fishing that they are much happier in life in general and somewhat carefree.

On and On

I could go on and on about kids loving fishing so I will more than likely keep adding to this article again and again. I would love to hear from people about their experiences with their kids and grand kids loving fishing. Go here to see similar stories.

In conclusion……for now                                                 

Finally I would like to say how much enjoyment I get. Seeing my children and grand children growing up to love fishing. If I don’t accomplish anything else in life I hope to encourage many other families to grow up together. Loving the outdoors and fishing. Please feel free to leave me comments on this topic as I would love to know what you are all thinking.

Let’s Go Fishing!                                        A family at edge of water learning how to love fishing as a family

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  1. This is such a beautiful description of how to spend quality time with grandkids. Pity I didn’t read this years ago. My husband had a hard time persuading our grandkids to go with him, maybe because he started too late. It is much harder for a 9 year old to show an interest in this activity. Yes, quality time is the greatest benefit, away from the rest of the family, learning about nature, and patience with and understanding  of each other. Thank you for some great insights.

  2. I have never had the opportunity you provided to your children and grandchildren teaching them how to fish and connecting with them this way. I find it amazing, would love to have someone to teach me that!
    I always think of fishing as of a sort of meditation because you have to sit there quietly and  patiently.  Actually, it can develop patience in children, can’t it? Patience is very important in our lives, I think.

    • Hey Lenka.  It is never to late to be taught anything. I often meditate while fishing because it gives me a clear head and I can actually solve some of my problems. Yes I have seen it helps children learn patience and discipline. Thanks 

  3. Nice I love your website design but I really think you should work on your mobile theme view for example the heading How do we get our grand kids to love fishing? From my view the how do is too far from the ready of the heading 

    maybe if you place the word under the pic instead of beside it that would solve the problem

  4. Hi, my Dad took me fishing when I was around 8 years old.  He brought me to a trout farm. I remember that 20 some years later,  and now my nephew is a year and 3 months old. However my dad will probably teach him like he did for me.

    kids really don’t know what is going on when they are young, so you gotta be careful and be patient. Show them by example and it will be fun and exciting for everyone  when you get a bite. I still remember how excited I was.

    you can use worms to make fishing easier, you know how it is. 

    • Hey Jake, thanks for the reply. I hope you get to go along with them when your dad takes your son. Memories are great. I still get excited when I get a bite and remember my son having such a great time….even now.

  5. I once went fishing with my uncle (he’s a fishing fanatic) when I was ten years old. I remember standing in the boat being cold and feeling like it was a waste of time. But near the end of the trip, we got something huge on one of the lines and the boat almost tipped over! I think fishing is a great lesson in patience–you never know when a fish will bite, but if you stay faithful and keep waiting, you’ll get one eventually.

    I also really liked this post. Teaching kids to fish is a great way to enrich their lives and get them to do something other than play video games (as fun as they are).

    • Thank you Isaac. I feel gratified when I take someone fishing no matter who it is. Kids are hilarious people to take fishing watching them learn and their comments. Patience is the key, you are right.

  6. Great question! Fishing is definitely one of the best activities that a grandparent and grandchild can partake in and it’s always valuable to find information on how to motivate the grandkids. 4 years old is a good age to start indeed, and patience is needed to be sure. I do imagine that starting out for small fish like blue gill and carp and trout is the way to go at this age, and then work them up to the largemouths and pike and so forth. I think the PLUSINNO looks pretty solid, and with the holiday season approaching I will save your link for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks for the recommendation and great post!

    • Hello, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Yes at a early age small fish is what your aiming for. I appreciate that you will use my links as well. Anything else I can help you with just ask.

      Sincerely, Chris

  7. Hi Chris, thank you so much for this beautiful Article on how to get your grand kids to love fishing.I remember back in the days, when I was visiting my grandfather and he always took us kids out to the lake on his little boat to catch dinner, as he used to call it. Those are my loveliest memories of my childhood going fishing with Grampa. Thanks a lot and I’m sure your website will encourage many beautiful fishing trips for Grandfathers and Grandchildren around the Globe.
    greetings M

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