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Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

As promised we continue with #11 The Crappie Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

We will continue to discuss this as we did here in Part 1

Crappie is one of my favorite fish to eat and fun to catch as well. They are a little crafty with a soft mouth so be careful while reeling in your catch. They have flaky tender fillets like some others we have learned about. Their skin is a little oily to the touch and slippery when extracting them from the hook.

It too belongs to the sunfish family. They are really not that hard to catch if you can find a spot where they are. It is one of the highest liked fish in the south east. We determined that they are best found during what is called by some crappie season in the winter time when they come closer to the banks and shores.

Bedding and egg laying

They are bedding and laying eggs in the sand during the winter around the shoreline in approximately 3 to 5 feet of water. In the off season they tend to venture further out which makes them harder to find. Remember I said that were crafty. They tend to be hidden around structures in deeper water.

To catch this fish you will want to use very light tackle and a spinning reel. The lighter tackle makes it great for enticing them to the top with lures and it also makes trolling a little easier. I like to use spinning reels for a wide variety of fishing, the fly rod and even cane poles are excellent choices as well. Go here to discover some great Crappie lures.

Now that we found and caught our Crappie lets scale them and gut them and lets eat. Frying them up i n a pan is great. You can find many recipes on the internet also. Don’t forget the hush puppies!


Moving on to #12 The Smelt Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

The smelt is a fish I do not eat but I so use them for bait for other fish. But however some people to eat these. They are pan fried and eaten whole. While I wouldn’t  eat them they do make great bait for striped bass, and trout.

The Smelt is usually caught with a net along shorelines and not the typical hook, line. and sinker operation I so dearly love. Not a lot to talk about here so lets move on. You can tell I am not to thrilled with this one?


Lucky # 13 The Mountain Whitefish Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

The Mountain Whitefish is one that commonly gets called a trash fish. It is a member of the salmon family. They don’t have the usual colors of the other types of salmon which are orange and reddish colored. The whitefish has more of a silver color to it.


They tend to be quite flavorful as you might imagine being from the salmon family. You will find these mostly in the northwest like Oregon. They live very well in cold clear waters. Like many other fish I tend to prefer mine smoked.


# 14 is The Gar Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

The Gar is a strange looking fish to me but hey who am I to judge they probably would say the same thing to me. Gar has a armor on them which makes it a little tough to reach there tasty morsels. The Gar is a long kind of dart shaped fish. They also have very sharp almost needle like teeth so be very careful when handling them.

This fish is another one I wouldn’t eat but others have and prepared them in their armor. Sounds nasty to me! They aren’t eaten much in our neck of the woods. Many people in general have never see one up close but some from the south probably have encountered them. I don’t like this fish so lets move on.


  # 15 is The Talapia Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

I am only adding Talapia here for the reason of I have eaten it and think everyone should at least try it once. You will find it in most every grocery store in the south at least. Do you northern folks see it there? I have gotten several opinions about the taste and I would say it’s about 50/50 of who likes it and who doesn’t. I think it’s okay if I can’t get salmon or Swai at my local supermarket.

It is a pretty well known fact that they are a farmed fish as they are easy to raise and sell. You will find them in ponds, shallow streams, rivers, and lakes. A fun fact about Talapia before we move on. Do you know what the nickname for this fish is? The answer is St. Peter’s fish. Check that out in your google experiences. Okay moving on now.

#16 is The Freshwater Drum

This fish is a freshwater fish as well and related to the saltwater version of the Redfish. It too is a fish I think everyone should try. This fish weighs from 5 to 15 pounds but the worlds record was a whopping 54 pounds. That my friends is a big fish. I believe it was caught somewhere in Tennessee.

It is native to the USA and Canada. This fish has a few nicknames such as gray bass, Shepard’s  pie, grunter, and so forth.


# 17 The Carp

The bottom feeding mud fish as I call it. Let me start by saying I love catching one of these bad boys. What excitement. They don’t like to be caught easily. My son and I think they are a good fight as we have caught many of these especially him. Picture of him and fish below.

They aren’t the best eating fish but are one of the most eaten fish worldwide. They have a mud vein in them that you must be careful removing. The batter up the meat and enjoy. People tell me it is all in the preparation. I prefer to abstain in eating it though. It is not for me!

  # 18 is The Small Mouth Buffalo

This is one of the most common fish sold in the USA . Did you know that?  This fish is similar to the carp in looks. They seem to be the type fish served in most restaurants especially buffets. Because they are widely harvested. Small mouth Buffalo may be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways.

This fish is a hard fish to catch but if you happen to latch on to one brace hold on for a fight. They fight like a carp or even harder. These fishes get to be quite large in size and feed on the bottom much like the carp.

Compare the picture below to the carp above.See the similarities? Try these bad boys smoked as well.

   # 19 is The Northern Pike

These are a very bony fish. The Y bones are the key so therefore I recommend that you use the You Tube website to learn how to properly clean a Northern Pike. There are also plenty of web based videos showing you this technique. As a result you would learn the proper ways

This is a very tasty fish and you don’t want to have to worry about the bones.

The Northern is a carnivorous fish eating on other fish including their own species. They have tendencies to follow schools of other fish but don’t school among themselves.

My son and I have encountered these fish at Knox Lake in Ohio. They are  a clear water fish as well.

Last of the twenty is. drum roll please!

    # 20 The Rainbow Trout

Species of best catching and eating freshwater fish

I love this fish!! The Rainbow Trout is a nice looking fish, It is a fish that is a very good one to learn fishing. They seem to plentiful most places and a  popular farmed fish as well. I see them in my grocery store all the time but I would rather catch them in the water rather than in my grocer.

Trout is a tasty fish fried or baked. I don’t really like them smoked. Together with a cold beer or nice glass of wine I could eat my weight in trout.

To catch this fish much like the Crappie you may want light weight tackle even though I saw on the net where the biggest one was 48 pounds caught in Canada. Fly fishing is a great way to catch trout.


This concludes Part 2

In my final thoughts I would welcome comments below. I will soon be doing a article on the fishes as one by one as to go further into detail. Thank you all!




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