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The Shakespeare rod & reel combo

Product review


The Shakespeare rod & reel combo

Rod Specs: Lightweight rugged fiberglass 6 ft length

Reel Specs: Spinning reel with 100 yards. 12 lb. test line

My rating: 8 out of ten

Product overviews: This rod & reel combo is a really nice rod and reel combo for the experienced fisherman at a reasonable price. This rod & reel combo is a very versatile and sturdy outfit designed for catching moderate sized fish. It is well constructed and very durable. You won’t have to worry about it getting broken if dropped. Check out the reviews at Bass Pro shop here. Not too many negatives as you will see for yourself by visiting the review page.

Pro’s and Con’s ;

My conclusions are

                                                                                    Picture of Shakespeare rods as part of Shakespeare rod & reel combo

The Shakespeare rod & reel combo

Pro #1- It is relatively inexpensive for the quality you are getting

Pro #2- It is a smooth casting reel with steel ball bearings.

Con # 1- It has been known to  tangle up the line while casting and retracting

Con # 2- It is a little on the hard side for a small handed person to handle so you might consider a different model for them.

Conclusion: It rates an 8 out of ten on the basis I have caught a number of fish with this combo and is a good price all things considered.

Please feel free to leave comments or add any ideas or questions you may have. Also check out our other reviews here. To quote Windy Willy ” This is my 5th or 6th ugly stick as he loves the feel and sensitivity of the tip”. Fisherman Joe says “This is my third Ugly Stik Elite Pro rod.

This spinning rod is fantastic. It is so sensitive that you feel the nibbles and made so well that the hook sets are effortless. It’s a rod the pros would love at a price that John Q Public can’t believe.” The positive reviews go on and on So get one and try it out for yourself. You will be glad you did.

I did however find some negative reviews in my research but it was only about 30 out of 180 and most of them were before some new designs recently.

As I always say; Lets go fishing!

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