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Santee fishing trip/ South Carolinas fishing spot


Santee fishing trip /South Carolinas fishing spot- Santee S.C. is an amazing place to go fishing or boating or fishing while boating. It is a beautiful spot. I am writing this post as I am just back from a marvelous weekend of fishing at Lake Marion at Santee, S.C.

In this post I intend to make you want to go fishing somewhere even if it isn’t Lake Marion. I will show you some of the luck I had and maybe a video or two that will make you envy me. The weather was great.Day one was;

Absolutely beautiful for a day late onto January. A slight breeze and 58 degrees at around 1 PM. Got a late start but I knew we would be there the next day also so I wasn’t too concerned. After a few minutes of setting up my poles and my fishing rocking chair I was all set.

I wasn’t fishing 15 minutes and I had a big one on the line. Oh I thought this would make my weekend but guess what? I got him up to the dock within 10 feet or less and you know that darn fish made a sharp left and off he went.

He must have been at least 10 pounds as far as as could feel and see. Man did that get my 61 year old blood a pumping. As I have mentioned in a previous post it is fun getting the big one. But hey it was just the first half hour of fishing with a whole lot more to come.


As the day went on we had a little luck with some shell crackers about a pound each and some baby small mouth bass. Fishing in Lake Marion is always an active day as the little ones are bait stealing little devils and keep you up and down in your chair.

As I was saying before the weather was really nice to enjoy the outdoors. Here is a few images to get you interested.  I haven’t seen beauty like this since my last story.  It is simply amazing how much nature you can see when you look.


Now I ask you is that not some epic scenery? Well of course it  is! I can’t think of a more relaxing time than being outdoors looking at this. Plus there is a good chance you just might catch a fish. Maybe another shell cracker or just maybe my favorite the catfish.


See I told you I just might catch a catfish! It wasn’t a channel cat but what I call a mud cat. We caught two or three mud cats and released them back into the lake. The mud cat has a little stronger taste than the channel cat or some call them blues as they appear bluish in color.

They are kind of pretty if you like that sort of thing ha ha. They are a challenge to hook and then land as they will give you a pretty good fight once you get them close to pulling him in. But as the story goes we didn’t catch one of those this time. We have in the past caught many of them at Lake Marion as I will show you here.

That is just a couple we have caught at Lake Marion while on a Santee fishing trip, South Carolinas fishing spot.

Day two fishing

As we got into Day two of our fishing trip the weather started off rainy but quickly cleared up a bit. The rain stopped and we continued to fish for the big one. The wind was a little stronger but that didn’t deter us from our mission of trying to catch the big one.

Needless to say we didn’t catch the big one but we did catch a lot of little ones that I refer to as bait snatchers. We actually caught ten or twelve little smallmouth bass that day. We would unhook them and tell them to go get there daddy.

As the day started to turn into evening we were getting anxious to catch more fish as we knew it was going to be the end of our fishing trip for this time. This always makes me sad as there is hardly anything I like doing more than fishing with family and friends.

But all good things must come to an end and so did this good thing. So as we packed up our gear and retrieved our lines from the lake I was already thinking ahead to my next fishing adventure. In writing these articles it always make me reminisce about past fishing adventures and gets me thinking of where and when I will get to enjoy my next good time of fishing.


Lets go fishing!!                                     



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