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Product: Zebco 33

Zebco 33 product review

PRICE : very reasonable  Retail

Best place to buy: Dicks Sporting goods

Rod specs:Lightweight graphite frame

Reel:Spooled with 100 yds. 10 lb.test line                                                        Image of the zebco 33 at zebco 33 product review

My rating:10 out  of 10

Zebco 33: Product Overview

Every time I go out fishing I always take my old reliable Zebco 33. Like many reviews I have read it assures me of my being able to cast out comfortably and at a precise distance I am looking for. It is well made with quality graphite and metal handle with rubber grips. This reel is ready to go with 100 yards of line at a test pound of 10lb. Also it is nicely designed for the beginner or advanced fisherman to begin catching fish immediately.

Benefits of the Zebco 33

I find one of the best things about this rod and reel is its lightweight and therefore easy to use especially for the beginner but it is a lower priced item for the advanced fisherman as well.   It has a easy to control handle as well as a easily controlled reel which allows you to be able to cast your line pretty darn accurately. Furthermore it is a good tool in your being able to hit the right spot in the water.







Storing your Zebco 33

One of the really nice things about the Zebco is the ease of storing it. Consequently packing it away it takes a lot less room than your larger outfits. After all you need room to take home all the fish you catch. Go Here now to see more product reviews. You may check out many different options on storing your equipment at Dicks Sporting Goods or Cabelas Pro Shops. Please see the ad on my posts for these.


Please feel free to comment and or give me your opinions on this amazing rod and reel. I am sure the zebco 33 product review above should help you in your decision.

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