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A close up picture from my review features and reliability of the Zebco 33 reel

My review features and reliability

Product: Zebco reels

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Style: Spinning reel

My rating: 9 out of 10

The pros of the Zebco spinning reels are they are made of good quality materials such as industrial grade stainless steel covers.

They also have quality ball bearings.

Features My review features and reliability

My review features and reliability

You can go here to see another reel option and review.

Some great features are continuous anti-reverse, micro fine adjustable dial drag and brass pinion gear.

Its reversible left or right retrieve handle is a nice feature as well.

Another positive for this reel is it is very lightweight and economically priced.

Zebco reels are very durable and easy to use.


The only negative I can tell you is it does not like to be dropped in the water and it may give a few problems with the line getting tangled in reel.


This is a quality product for the price and I have read many reviews as well to agree with me. I am not saying that some people don’t agree with me because no matter what the product is you always have non believers. Others don’t really no how to care for or even use properly some products.

This reel has been very good to me and It is one of the most used by me for fishing small to mid sizes fish.

I recommend Zebco to all my friends as there are many types and styles of Zebco that you can choose from and I have not had any serious problems with any of my 10 or so reels I have. Also, you won’t have too much money tied up in unusable equipment. Go here to see the wide variety of Zebco reels and see for yourself.

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  1. It is very interesting that your negative is that it really can’t get wet. I guess you just have to be really careful with it while you’re on the water. I am looking to get my husband a new reel for Christmas and these look like they are really high quality for a reasonable price.

    The reviews on Amazon are great.

    Thanks for sharing! This was very helpful.

    • Hey Kara, Thanks for the feedback and you are quite right you just cannot beat them for the price. Oh sure there are others but most of the others are a bit more pricey. I hope your husband likes it whatever you decide.I am glad I could be of help.

  2. My father in law is a big fisher and he has invited me and my boys out for some quality binding time. The Zebco reels seem like a very good deal, nice quality stuff! I can’t wait to get one and start using it, thank you so much for this review! It has been very helpful! 

    • Hey Travis, thanks for the comment. I hope always to be able to help people decide which one is right for them. I hope you enjoy many fishing trips with your new Zebco. They are truly the best bet when it comes to reliability and ease of use.

  3. Thanks for that review! I’m retired and have always loved fishing but lousy at it. Part of the problem has been the type of equipment to buy and use so your review is very helpful to me. I need easy to use reels that don’t clog up and easy to use. I’ll definitely look for Zebco equipment thanks to your review!

  4. Hey,

    I like to fish my self, I’m still a novice but I can’t wait to teach my son how to fish. I like the product but found that using spinning rods , the line gets tangled a lot. Is there a tip from keeping this from happing or should I just stick with the basic reel? Cause most fishermen do prefer the spinning reel vs the regular one. 

    • Hey Wes, I always suggest the basic reel for beginners but prefer the spinners myself but you are right the line can become tangled but practice makes perfect I always say. Thanks for your input.

  5. Zebco produces various kinds of reels based on the client’s preferences and fishing experience. The one my husband and I use on our fishing trip serves as a transition between casting and reeling. It is very light and easy to manoeuvre. Also, the price was relatively cheap and I was able to get it in one of the stores close by without much difficulty. Zebco reels are durable and that’s what I like best about the reels.

  6. Hi Chris, thank you for sharing your review concerning Zebco rod and reels Wow! Good to know that Zebco reels are made of good quality materials such as industrial grade stainless steel covers; this will ensure strength and durability of the item.

    It has some really nice features. Also, I like the fact that it is very expensive.

    Farewell from here

    • Hey there, Thank you for checking out my review. I hoped it help you to decide which one to buy. One thing though they are not very expensive for the quality you are getting. That may have been a misquote on your part. Maybe your like me and get ahead of your self sometimes typing. HaHa

  7. Reels are essential to me whenever I go fishing with my family. I want them to enjoy a great fishing experience and using the best equipment we can get is the perfect way to do this. Zebco reels are very durable and with the varieties they offer, I got one for my wife and kid, while I choose one for myself that suits my needs. Zebco reels are really good for fishing and I make quite a catch with mine.

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